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New York State Unemployment - (NYS-NY)

Updated on May 3, 2011

New York state unemployment problem has been prevailing now and it is already sky high with respect to the present condition. The unemployment rate in New York has increased tremendously in the recent days and it is affecting as a serious threat to large number of citizens. The rate of unemployment in NY State claims to be really increasing in the month of March 2010. According to the details provided by the labor statistics team it is clear that more than 163,700 included in unemployment rolled over the past year.

Moreover, $221,000 has been granted to the Culinary Tech (running a job training program) center from the New York State Labor Department. Also, it is reported that Elks Lodge is participating in the program. So the issue of unemployment needs to be more clearly addressed and analyzed in a more wide aspect.

How Commissioner addresses nys unemployment?

Colleen Gardner, Commissioner of the NYS Dept of Labor explains the situation as follows. “The recession is being faced at both national and the Capital Region level thus the young people of the United States are experiencing the most painful problem i.e. unemployment.” Also, he added that the suggestion at the national level of the unemployment rate in the case of youngsters is over 21 percent. When the State is considered globally, it is clear that unemployment rate jump about 1.7 percent points.

Requirements for the eligibility of New York Unemployment Compensation

There are some really serious things about the eligibility requirements and it comprises of some basic rules. The interesting part is that you can still apply for Unemployment if you failed to meet the criteria completely. That means, if you have reasonable justification from your part, then the chances are maximum for processing your claim by State offices and they would make a reasonable effort to do the same.

The rules are provided as following. Just go through them and check if you are eligible for the same or not.

  • You shouldn’t have lost your job because of your problem or fault. That means, if you have quit your job voluntarily, then you will not be eligible. But there are exceptional cases where you have stopped working in really hazardous conditions, etc.
  • If you are physically disabled, then you are not eligible. And most importantly, you should be willing to work.
  • You will not qualify if you have already received severance package when you lost your job.
  • You should have earned minimum wage credits. As far as New York State is concerned, 24 weeks of covered employment is marked as the minimum requirement.
  • You must have earned at least $1600 in one of the calendar quarters in your base period during this period

NY State Unemployment Benefits?

Serious discussions and claims are being online and offline about unemployment insurance benefits. It is expected that the insurance benefits and related issues will be handles as per the clear instructions and descriptions already made and shown in the website of labor department.


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    • profile image

      Kate 7 years ago

      Is anyone having problems getting their unemployment benefits released? My husband hasn't been paid his for two weeks; when he calls the claims center, he's told that there is a problem w/ the payment system and other people are not getting paid either. Any feedback would be appreciated.

    • profile image

      littlechick 7 years ago

      It is sad when our state thinks umemployment is a nonessential fund. So I guess they would rather see me homeless and my daughter in fostercare I,m sure that would save the government alot of money. I would love to see these politians live on $160 a week and then tell me unemployment is a nonessential.

    • profile image

      Millie 7 years ago

      I am 68 years old and was laid off 2 years ago. Regardless of how hard I have tried I have been unable to find a job - evena temporary one. In 2 weeks I will lose my unemployment. That means I will probably lose my house.

    • profile image

      vivredcar@aol,com 7 years ago

      I am 68 years old and I was let go two years ago after working for twenty eight years. I cannot get a job. I need to work, I will lose my unemployment in two weeks . Our politicans do not have a clue about the average person.