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NYPD Officer Shoots & Kills Eighteen Year Old

Updated on October 25, 2013

Within a week’s time the NYPD has been scrutinized and investigated for unjustifiable shootings and the latest just clearly demonstrates that they are basically in need of being extensively reviewed. Since I was a child I have had nothing but respect for the NYC police department, but there are simply just the few who do not deserve the honor and respect associated with wearing a badge.

Police officers then were a little edgy due to the rising epidemic known as crack and although they had to occasionally rough up the drug dealers selling the stuff upon attempting to arrest them, they never shot any of them and the bust was definitely warranted. For the past few years however, we have heard of stories of drunken driving, corruption and senseless killings and it really has to end.

The latest incident just proves that the NYPD must be under scrutiny. Another death is in their hands, and this time the victim, 18 year old Ramarley Graham was shot in his own house because the police officers chasing him assumed he had a gun. What started out as a suspected drug bust soon turned deadly, as according to the officers on the scene one gave chase and cornered Ramarley in the bathroom, asked him to put his hands up and then yelled gun, gun before shooting Ramarley in the chest and killing him on the spot.

What bothers me most about these latest occurrences is the fact that our taxes pay for these officers to be trained and trained well. Whatever happened to shooting to wound as opposed to killing, and why are these occurrences happening so often? Police officers are supposed to uphold the law, not break them. Ramarley Graham did not have a weapon, and he was gunned down in the very home he shared with his family and his grandmother was also in the house.

This incident should only raise awareness and both Commissioner Kelly and Mayor Bloomberg should really focus on reassessing this situation and insuring the NYPD training programs fit the needs of our society as they are both too quick to defend but never truly do anything to avoid these situations from recurring. The officers in this case clearly stated they both saw Graham with a gun, yet the only thing found in the home was marijuana.

Yes, there are certain communities that need to be focused on and patrolled on a constant basis to protect the innocent, but not everyone you see on the streets is a drug dealer, mugger or murderer. Placing these two officers on desk duty till they investigate further should not be happening either. They should be suspended without pay until the investigation is final and if it turns out to be justifiable they can resume their duties with back pay. This way they may see that there are consequences for them as well and they aren’t exempt, and who knows they just may think twice before shooting first and asking questions later.


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    • one2recognize2 profile image

      one2recognize2 5 years ago from New York

      Thank you "The Greek" for your comment it is greatly appreciated and very well said. ;)

    • profile image

      The Greek 5 years ago

      My Heart goes out to "ALL"the familes of the victims that suffered police briutality. I believe that this has escalated to the highest point, and yet nothing till today nobody from the higher superiors, are taking any resposibilities. I would like to express my opinion to the public as a U.S citizen it is my constitution rite to express how I feel "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" with all of the past victims that have suffered a police brutality such as Sean Bell,Amadou Diallo,Abner Louima,and im sure ther are other victims out there that the public hasn't heard of. My thought is that I believe the NYPD is trying to enforce this "Stop and frisk"law to find an excuse so they can try and meet there quotas. In which I know this is unconstituional. I am of Greek Descent and,when I hear about these cases I am not hearing justice for the victims families. The NYPD, not to knock on them in public but they are on the streets and before they graduated the academy they took an "OATH" TO PROTECT AND TO SERVE THE COMMUNITY,not to take the laws in their own hands and start beating on people and harrasing people because of their skin color or there heritage. my backround country has a saying and I would like to share it with everybody. NYPD you might get away with alot of cases like this,but how the greek phrase goes is, I will say it and explan it in english,"THAT WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR,ONE DAY YOU WILL FIND IT"..........Which means with all the victims of the police brutality,I just don't want to hear one day that someone getting into an outrage with all this police brutality and start having a deadly shooting with the cops. That's EXACTLY what it means,in other words an eye for an eye. As rodney King said can't we all get along. But it doesnt seem so in this case because the NYPD will do whatever they are forced to do to meet their quotas. If everybody doesn't mind I would like to share another greek saying, The fish smells from the head. In other words if you have a complain about any police officer how are you going gonna be able to walk into that police deparment and file a ccrb,or a IAB report when the fish smells from the head. I wish no harm to anybody nor to the NYPD,but what I would like to say is from what I hear on the news my opinion is that the NYPD has gone to far and have no remorse. My "PRAYERS"go out to all the victims and their families and may god always be with you,and hopfully this police brutality could stop because one day someone will take it to another level then it's really going to be crazy but for some reason the NYPD feels they are above the law. From The person who is from a Greek Descent "MY HEART GOES OUT TO ALL THE POLICE BRUTALITY VICTIMS AND FAMILIES,MAY GODS ANGELS ALWAYS BE OVER YOUR SHOULDERS.................

    • one2recognize2 profile image

      one2recognize2 5 years ago from New York

      Thank you Sooner28 for your input. Yes, police brutality has gotten out of hand lately and they definitely need to find a way to ween out the bad cops before its too late.

    • profile image

      Sooner28 5 years ago

      I hate police brutality, because it's one of the worst forms of abuses. Being a police officer is an honorable profession in my opinion, but with cell phone cameras everywhere, they are getting caught more and more. Another state had a cop kill a homeless man. I believe the vast majority of protectors are good people, but these bad people cannot be allowed to use their power with impunity. This case saddens me.