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Name your Fear, then Run through It

Updated on November 20, 2011

Name your Fear, then Run through It

      We live in a world of intense disinformation, some of which is directly designed to: hold us down, keep us in line and keep us frightened so we won't speak up about the present state of affairs.  Once something is found that frightens us and we fail to face it, we are ruled by the illusion of whatever our fear is. 

     Many of us are older.  We remember when our neighborhoods teemed with life, not the "ghost town" appearance of our nearby habitations.  People could be as emotional as they pleased, have as much fun as they wanted - we had REAL LIBERTY, not this fake shadow of what used to be.  Around age 40, we get these fears about our health and even dying subliminally-placed into our minds.  To move on or just keep on enjoying life, we must resist these illusions and give them no credence. 

      This isn't easy, as we may not wish to face the fear of physical frailty, weakness or even death.  If we don't simply treat new fake-fear with all the disdain we did with ones ineffective against us, we become slaves with pathetic willpower.  The fact is that whatever-these-people are wage PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE which is the alteration of various subtle factors to enhance fear where we are weak.  I faced mine today:  better to die doing what you think is right than cowering and then hiding from THAT.  Truth is, all we receive are illusions and nasty mental pictures of our own death.  It is FEAR that gives these illusions the power to manipulate us. 

      Find an activity they dissaprove of:  that won't be hard.  Now do it in spite of whatever you see, feel or think.  Death these days comes in the lethal form of complacence.  The more you suck up to them, the more they suck out of you.  There is no point in becoming so colorless, so slavish, so not yourself.  Death these days happens in the MIND.  Don't allow yourself to become another mind-casualty.......more robotic than human. 

       It doesn't matter if you win or lose this activity - the very fact that you can do it while getting hosed with subliminal/psychological warfare diminishes the hold over you.  Plus, you do get better as your confidence grows.  Otherwise you'll find yourself indecisive about every possible thing you do, leading to severed depression and a potential "hostile takeover" of your mind.

     It is so important to examine the parts that you are afraid to look at.  You must FIND your fear or "button" that you are being controlled with.  If you won't face your fear, you cannot kill it and that is absolutely contra to the survival of your individual personality.  You must fight for your personality.  Do not become a slave to fear.  It's all an illusion.  Even your potential ego-loss can be a fear.  It doesn't matter whether you win or's your love for your "rebellious activity" that will ultimately destroy fear by unflinchingly performing it despite all the "warnings" and threats you receive. 


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    • TToombs08 profile image

      Terrye Toombs 6 years ago from Somewhere between Heaven and Hell without a road map.

      I live by, "Fear is just not knowing. If I know more about what I fear, it loses it's hold on me and empowers me to no longer fear it." So far, it's worked. I taught my oldest son this and now I have a 20 year old fearless being that can accomplish whatever he sets his mind to. Great hub, very useful. Voting up and etc. :o)