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Nanoweapons: Nanotechnology Weapons Of Genocide

Updated on April 1, 2012

Nanovirus On The Horizon

photo by 44849990@N00 on Flickr
photo by 44849990@N00 on Flickr

Nanoweapons of Decimation

Nanotechnology is increasing in scope everyday, and although there are seemingly infinite possible applications to benefit civilization, many top names in both science and literature seem to warn of nanoweapons that have the power to drastically reduce the population of the Earth. Some may do so intentionally as would be the case if a country, or even a small terrorist organization, was able to develop and produce nanotechnology weapons such as a DNA-targeting nanobot that could perhaps target all humans with even a trace of Anglo-American descent. Perhaps, rather than targeting a specific race it might be easier for a nanoweapon to target every race but one. A sort of doomsday scenario where the first race to release such a devastating nanoweapon would be able to simply walk into the previously occupied territory, dispose of the bodies, and take over the infrastructure. If game theory is any indicator then the odds are that a holder of such a nanoweapon (who believes it will work and they can get away with it) will be likely to do just that. That game theory prediction is in fact the reason that Russia has long ago developed the "Dead Hand" aka Perimeter system. That security mechanism is able to launch their nuclear strike missiles even if (and especially in case) Russian leadership has been somehow eliminated. A mechanism to protect the remaining civilians or just a way to go out in a bang, the assessment is debatable. But even if scientists, corporations, and government leadership all understand the moral responsibility inherent in such nanoweapons, there are also ways that nanotechnology could simply get out of control creating a veritable Armageddon scenario by accident. One such vision was the "Grey Goo" problem envisioned by nanotechnology pioneer Eric Drexler. In such a case, self-replicating nanobots would continuously replicate at an uncontrollable rate and with artificial intelligence until they were covering almost everything and strangling humans and other life from existence. Intentionally or unintentionally it seems clear that nanoweapons are on the way and the real question is how can we protect ourselves.

Nanoweapons that target specific versions of human DNA or specific races would only be evolutionary in their manner of attack not the concept itself. That is because there is much evidence that "ethnic bombs" or race-specific viruses have been being worked on for quite some time now as a bioweapon of extermination. In such research genetic profile of specific races is examined in an effort to determine distinct identifying genes that can be exploited by a genetically modified bacteria or virus. There have been reports of Israel investigating the potentials for use against Arabs, and any other racism could likely be exploited in a similar manner. Extrapolate the research being done in biological warfare and chemical warfare to include nanotechnology weapons and things become even more troublesome. It is clear that societies will need a great deal of new vaccines and cures to deal with possible targeted nanoweapons.

Now be certain that this article is not meant to spread fear on a new way that Armageddon could reach the population. No this is merely a primer to make sure that you are thinking about such things. In fact nanotechnology will bring great things in the upcoming years. There will be medical breakthroughs and other things that were not otherwise feasible until society searched on the atomic level and discerned the previously non-visible. However, nanoweapons and there dangers do look to be an emerging that should not be easily ignored.

Viruses As Nanotechnology


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    • profile image

      RobSchneider 5 years ago

      There's definitely no such thing as an Israeli "race" and almost certainly not a Jewish race, either. That's just ethnic snobbishness at work. One thing we can count on - if something can be invented that can be used as a weapon, it will be used as a weapon.

    • maxoxam41 profile image

      Deforest 5 years ago from USA

      Your subject definitely motivated me to search for more info!

    • Larry Fields profile image

      Larry Fields 5 years ago from Northern California

      I think that a race-SELECTIVE 'bomb' is a real possibility. For example, the optimal dosage--in mg of drug per kg of body mass--of certain medications for Caucasians is different from that of most Chinese, and at least in California, physicians are aware of that fact.

      Realistically, a race-selective engineered virus could make everyone sick, but would have differential lethalities with respect to race. But race-SPECIFIC viruses? I'm very skeptical about that.

      I'm also skeptical about claims that the Israelis are developing such weapons. Israelis and Palestinians both have Semitic genetic heritage. Does the Israeli government really want to cut off its nose to spite its face?

    • againsttheodds profile image

      againsttheodds 5 years ago

      While the Israeli research I was referring to may in fact be real, I have no evidence that it includes nanoweapons. That research was simply an "ethnic bomb" that could take out other races. If you check that in a search engine you should find lots of information about such ideas. Not just Israel. There was supposedly a "white only" bomb linked to North Korea and other such nasty devices. The theory is that nanotechnology could do the same thing and may be just as troublesome, if not more so, to protect against as opposed to the biological weapons.

      I do see Iran doing great things in science and I believe other countries, including America and Israel, are also making significant advances. In fact, you cannot fault a group for looking into how to devise such a nanoweapon because that knowledge will likely be necessary to create safeguards. Let's hope such a thing is never used.

    • maxoxam41 profile image

      Deforest 5 years ago from USA

      Is nanoweaponry a theory or are the Israelis really working on weapons targeting ethnicities?

      While Israel, America focus on the military branch of their government and economy, Iran (thanks to your downloaded video) concentrates on sciences. And we are surprised that the Americans create no more!