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Narendra Modi, Election and People of India

Updated on August 18, 2014

The promises of Narendra Modi Before Elections

BJP had a long and aggressive campaign during the General Elections 2014. As per the reports, Narendra Modi addressed almost 437 big rallies and addressed thousands of public meetings. He travelled almost three lakh kilometres across 25 states in his endeavour "to connect himself to the people everywhere."

Modi, during his rallies launched a scathing attack on Congress. He said that people gave 60 years to Congress. But in these years, the ruling Congress party could not find solution to the problems faced by the people. The Congress promised to remove poverty, provide better employment opportunities and basic amenities to people. But it did not fulfill its promises. In fact, terrorism and crime rate has increased manifolds. What BJP is asking for is just 60 months to prove to the citizens of India that it is the best party for them. Let us look at some of the promises made by the BJP and Narendra Modi:

Promise to the youth

Narendra Modi also slammed the Congress party for not fulfilling its promises made to the youth of the country. “In the last general budget, the Union government had promised skill development of ten lakh youths. Till now, they have just given training to 18,000 youths,” Modi said. He further said that the education system in India has become a "money-making machine".According to him, India needs modern education. "Building human resource through education is critical for nation building. Post-independence, governments played no role in the education system," he said. Hitting out at Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi. Narendra Modi said that Congress was responsible for the unemployment in India and promised that BJP will create adequate job opportunities. Read Biography of Narendra Modi

The Common men of India


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Promises with the common men of India

Slamming the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government for “its failure to check price rise”, Before the Elections in India Modi promised that his party will work for the benefit of the farmers. According to him, the use of modern technology in farming and efficient management with the aid of real-time data will help fight food inflation. Real time data will help government to take the necessary action and control prices. The BJP manifesto offered a six point solution to control price rise, “Our immediate task would be to rein in inflation by putting in place strict measures and special courts to stop hoarding and black marketing; setting up a Price Stabilisation Fund; unbundle FCI operations into procurement, storage and distribution for greater efficiency; leverage on technology to disseminate real time data, especially to farmers on production, prices, imports, stocks and overall availability; evolve a National Agricultural Market and promote specific crops and vegetables linked to food habits of the people.”

No Hindu-Muslim based politics

All the political parties talked about unity of India and the equal opportunities for both Hindus and Muslims. Modi was no exception. He claimed for good education, employment opportunities, protected environment and proper health facilities for members of all the communities. No doubt, his voice cast a magical spell over people and people came out in large numbers to vote.

Benefits to SC/ST/OBC

  • Free Education
  • Free Cloths, Books etc
  • Scholarships
  • Less Cut-off mark in Entrance exams
  • Fee relaxation in Medical and engineering colleges
  • Free Coaching for Competitive Exams
  • Age Relaxation in Competitive Exams
  • More Attempts than a General Candidate
  • Form Fee exempted
  • Free Traveling for Exam
  • Reservation in Promotion also

PM's address to the Nation on 68th Independence Day

No caste based politics

Raking up the caste issue, Modi lashed out at the Congress saying that it was the Congress party that indulged in the politics of "untouchability and hatred". The various political parties need to understand that caste based politics can act as an impediment to the development of the country.

Modi Sarkar


Modi Government

The election results of 16th Lok Sabha elections were declared on 16 May and BJP won the elections with a clear majority by getting 280 seats and NDA got 336. People hoped for “Ache Din”. The whole of India celebrated Modi's victory. Modi took oath as the Prime Minister of India on 26 May and later announced his cabinet. His cabinet consists of 24 cabinet ministers, 10 state ministers with independent charge and 12 state ministers.

Road-map of Modi Sarkar

President Pranab Mukherjee outlined the action-based agenda of the new government as he addressed the joint sitting of Parliament. Here's a list of 12 key points of the Narendra Modi government:

  • Business - The government will work to encourage foreign direct investment in India
  • Check on inflation - Containing food inflation will be the utmost priority
  • Diplomacy – Government will maintain stable relations with neighbourhood countries
  • Power - Augment electricity generation capacity
  • Urbanization – Upliftment of civic infrastructure
  • Job creation – Promotion of labour-intensive manufacturing
  • Defence - Reforms in defence
  • Women safety and empowerment - A policy of 'zero tolerance' for violence against women
  • Reaching out to minorities - Minorities will be equal partners in India's progress
  • Poverty elimination - End the curse of poverty.
  • Healthcare and sanitation - The government will formulate a new Health Policy and National Health Assurance Mission
  • Upgrading infrastructure - Ambitious plan for modernization and revamping of railways

Track the 100 days of Modi Government


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