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Narendra Modi, THE Leader

Updated on January 12, 2014

Narendra Modi



Narendra Modi, the Strongman, the man with strong views and leadership qualities. Everybody is waiting for a heavyweight to lead this country, fed up of the pathetic leadership existing now. A leadership with no ability to take decisions.

When Modi was declared the BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate, ( a fact along expected lines),there was immediate reaction among all sections of society. They saw in him a credible alternative.A man who perhaps could pull India out of the morass it was in.But also there were the usual rumblings, in his own party. The grand old man of the BJP, L K Advani who had been eyeing the chair for so long , felt betrayed and began sulking. Advani even threatened to quit all posts in the BJP and leave the party at a later date.But other senior leaders managed to convince him of the ground reality and he was forced to swallow the bitter pill.he had no choice as the groundswell of poularity for Modi was growing.

Born Narendra Damodardas Modi In the year 1950, this man has seen a meteoric rise in his career. He has been the Chief Minister of Gujarat since October 2001 and has won successive elections to remain the Chief Minister.

His aggressive selling of his state has attracted an abundance of investment and made Gujarat a state which is developing rapidly. His investor friendly policies, stressing on development rather than doles, innovations in agriculture, power and rapid improvement of Infrastructure has put the state on the fast road to progress.

Though his detractors may deny his achievements, to the common person, Gujarat is ahead in many indices as compared to the rest of the country.

His Rise

Modi worked his way up, from a boy vending tea in a tea shop, to the Prime Ministerial Candidate.He began his career in politics by joining the RSS as a prachaark. After the requsite training ,he joined the student wing of the RSS, ABVP( Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad)

Then slowly he climbed the rungs in the BJP, till he was anointed to lead the party to the polls in Gujarat in 2002. That he was extremely successful in the job is evident from the thumping majority with which it came to power. From there on, there was no looking back and he has been winning poll after poll and is the undisputed Chief Minister of Gujarat.

His concept for growth was rapid industrialization, with ample private sector participation. This was at loggerheads with the then RSS ideology, but even then he managed to have his way and put the state in the fast mode to progress.

The Gujarati people by themselves are very industrious and it is very obvious by the many successes accomplished by them all over the world. His administration provided further impetus to the citizens to progress.

His innovative ideas whether in administration, industrial policies, agriculture, water harvesting and many other such schemes, made him a favorite with the masses which ensured his reelection as Chief Minister. He manged to rope in major industrialists of the country to invest in Gujarat, by providing all the requisite infrastructure.He made sure to clear policy bottlenecks making Gujarat one of the most Investor friendly states of India.His Investor Conferences were a huge success and bought in investments in large numbers. He also went abroad to hard sell the state and was also quite impressed by the interest shown by the foreign investors, many of which fructified. Thus his aim of putting Gujarat ahead in terms of industrialization was taking shape.But in spite of every thing the US refuses a visa to this man.

His latest ambitious project to erect a statue of Sardar Patel, taller than the Statue of Liberty is taking shape in Gujarat.


Modi has been as controversial as a person can get. The major issue or black mark against him being the Godhra incident in 2002.

A train carrying Hindu pilgrims was burnt? caught fire? in Godhra. Many of the pilgrims were burnt.Rumours spread about the cause of this incident and a caste carnage ensued. The detractors of Modi claim that he was a silent by- stander and allowed the mayhem to continue,even though as head of the state, he could have prevented it or at least controlled it thereby bringing down the number of causalities Even the then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had something to say to Modia bout the incident .

But Modi says that efforts were made. Curfew was imposed,shoot at sight orders issued and the army called in to restore normalcy in the state.

His stand has been vindicated and he has been cleared of the charges by the various agencies appointed to probe the charges. Even then the association refuses to fade away, partly being kept alive by his opponents.

Another issue that he has been accused of is being totally a hardliner in terms of religious affiliation.This has been denied many a time but actions performed earlier are taken as the yardstick and he is continuously labelled "communal".

Anything and everything he says and does is fodder for the opposition. In fact his presence on TV channels everyday, is, thanks to the opposition. They drag his name into any issue and debate about it endlessly. Of course Modi can do with all the publicity he gets.


Modi, the man of the moment

Will Modi be able to get India out of stagnation

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Modi has an arduous task ahead. Being chosen the PM candidate is just one part of the story as he is now realising.He has had a tough time convincing the other leaders in his party to play tag.

First and foremost challenge he faced were the polls in the four states. That his party won all but one put paid to his critics, who were always doubting his ability to influence the voter outside of Gujarat. That he did pull it off( with some help from the incumbent Chief Ministers) was testimony to his appeal.

His charisma, his rhetoric, the usage of strong language in his speeches all add to his appeal.His refrain that the country could do with Strong, Focused leadership did sway many people.The problems facing the country whether it be the GDP, Employment issues,the security of women,the falling Industrial output all were fodder for his diatribes. His favorite peeve being the ruling family of the Congress. No speech in any fora is complete without taking a dig at them,however oblique.

He has managed to win over quite a few of the populace to his kind of thinking.Dedicated backroom boys are creating a Halo around his persona.He is all over the social networking sites and commands a huge following,especially among the Urban educated youth.

His Speech

The Challenges

Initailly what was thought was thought of as a Two Horse race( Modi vs Rahul Gandhi) has just been enlarged. Arvind Kejriwal has emerged as a dark horse and it is now a Troika.

Arvind's and Modi's electorate( urban middle class youth) over lap. So Modi has to work that much harder to retain his constituents. He has to come up with new ideas and products to maintain his lead over his rivals.He must give up his pet subject, Gandhi bashing and concentrate more on what he has to offer to the Indian public in terms of Economics, Policies etc.. That Arvind is no pushover got confirmed by the results of the Delhi elections.So whatever strategy is ultimately created should factor in Arvind and his AAP .

The recent poll by Times of India show that Arvind is a force to reckon with . But Modi can take hope from the fact that he is still the PM choice of the majority of people polled.

Modi at a press conference


Modis rating

4 stars for Narendra Modi


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    • supremeupbeat k profile image

      Mahadeb Kar 

      5 years ago from Somewhere in India

      Undoubtedly a strongman with strong self confidence .His speeches prove that he is determined in his ambition to become the next PM with an ascertaining tone.It is guessed that his style,ritual,expression etc has made the opposition flat.

    • ravi1991 profile image

      Ashutosh Tiwari 

      5 years ago from Lucknow, India

      He will be the Indian Prime minister.


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