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National Conventions and Wall Stalling of DNC

Updated on August 2, 2016
"The DNC Hypocrisy of the Wall"
"The DNC Hypocrisy of the Wall" | Source

The last two weeks were just a preview of what awaits us in November, as we have witnessed two mega-productions of Republican and Democratic National Conventions. Although I have spent more time watching the speeches from the RNC to check if anything would prove the claims that Donald Trump was discriminating anyone (as our Media portraits him), I had also made an effort to review several key speeches from DNC, and found them to be very boring, slow, with “on the cue” cheers every 10 seconds, and just plain and dull… If I was critical of Hillary Clinton before – now I’m simply terrified about the possibility of her being pushed into the White House, and I do mean “pushed”, because there’s no way our election system would even allow a fair, true democratic elections at this time. Sad, but true…

Of course, the highlight or the Republican National Convention was the speech given by the current wife of Donald Trump Melania. Personally, I found her speech moving, and the fact that she is a Slovenia-born immigrant spoke volumes against Donald Trump’s supposed hate for immigrants. His very first wife Ivana was a Czech immigrant, and yet, they stayed married for 14 years. What is it if not the evidence that he does not hate or discriminate against immigrants or Americans, for that matter (his second wife was an America-born citizen). In any case, the only thing that Media could decimate during the Republican National Convention was the fact that one sentence of Melania’s speech was using words from Michelle Obama’s speech without giving her the credit. Apparently, plagiarism is more of a crime in this country than a push for war with everybody who our leaders don't like…

On the other hand, on the eve of the opening of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, a bunch of emails written by the Democratic party leaders while discussing the election campaign became public. The Media didn’t find a better explanation for the existence of these emails but to pinpoint the origin of this leak at nobody but Russian President Vladimir Putin himself and the hackers who supposedly work for him. I remember when we were fed the tales about a Russian farm of trolls, and now we are told there’s a team of hackers who hate Hillary Clinton, but love Donald Trump for who knows what reason? I mean, if Trump supposedly “hates immigrants”, why would he love Russians, and vice versa? There’s some evidence, however, that Russians had nothing to do with this leak, as the hacker in question named Guccifer 2.0 did give an interview about his motives, stating the he is Romanian and doesn’t even like Russians, but no major Media outlet cared to report it. The way I see it, this leak was a direct retaliation to the incarceration of the first Guccifer, also a Romanian citizen, who is being held in American prison and was very recently reported dead or maybe not. This motive seems plausible to me. However, there’s no logic in the dirty business of Geopolitics.

What was missing in all this Media hype, however, is the fact that Democratic Party willingly sabotaged Bernie Sanders’ bid for candidacy for the benefit of their now crowned Queen Clinton, thus disregarding the will of millions of Americans and virtually half of the democratic population of the United States! Unfortunately, Bernie Sanders and his supporters “ate” it and didn’t complain much, not inside the convention facility, anyway. I did watch Bernie’s speeches made for his supporters and at the DNC, and couldn’t remember a single point afterwards. It was a bunch of long pauses due to noisy roars, and no content was delivered that would stick out. I did wonder if he got that plane he wanted from DNC for his concession or anything else worth betraying his supporters over, but I guess we’ll have to wait until Guccifer 3.0 emerges to release that information... I have also appreciated the hypocrisy of a wall trolling action to hint at Donald Trump building the wall with Mexico, while DNC had built two walls between the speakers and the democrats in just four days of Democratic National Convention!

What was also not explained by Media was the existence of pressure put by DNC on key media networks forcing them to dismiss the hosts or journalists who could in any way criticize Hillary Clinton on TV. Are we not striving for the Freedom of Speech in this country? No, apparently, we want the Freedom of Speech in Russia, China and all other countries we don’t like, but not here, in the United States that was built on freedoms and dignity of our Forefathers…

I don’t want to get into Hillary’s speech at the moment, as I think it’s irrelevant. If we haven’t heard a word of truth out of her mouth, we probably won’t. After reviewing the list of companies who donated millions of dollars to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, which was kindly provided by Guccifer 2.0, I did realize that we have probably about six months to live in overall world peace because if Hillary does get “selected” (we won’t have honest elections, as you probably know by now) to be our next President, our lives will never be the same afterwards! She will work this country and every other country on the Planet into the ground as a payback to her benefactors from the Military-Industrial Complex. So much for the first Lady President, a mother of all mothers…


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    • profile image

      Kenneth Attaway 13 months ago

      In my many years following politics, Her Royal Highness is the most corrupt politician I have witnessed...I am including Nixon...Raygun doesn't count (mental illness)...the only one close to her level of corruptness is Bill Clinton...

    • profile image

      Mary Walters 13 months ago

      The DNC had an oppo file on Joe Biden?

    • profile image

      JUST SAYING 13 months ago

      They're delaying to make sure everyone involved is on the same page so the truth doesn't slip out

    • profile image

      liran bromberg 13 months ago

      It is better that Bernie does not attack Hillary because he will need her voters also to beat Trump.Unlike Bernie there is no 'Hillary or Bust' crowd.

    • profile image

      Jake Ybarra 13 months ago

      Also this kind of supports what Guccifer 1.0 says about him hacking into Hillary's private server.

    • profile image

      Jake Ybarra 13 months ago

      But it is the DNC!At the very least they are AS CORRUPT.

    • profile image

      Anastasia Renaud 13 months ago

      Its sad all the contortions John is making to make the DNC seem legitimate.Its as if John thinks any statement or assertion from the DNC can erase the dishonesty, collusion, bias and rigging of this primary season.The DNC is rotten

    • profile image

      Rigged Democracy 13 months ago

      I can totally see Hillary trying to shoehorn Chelsea into the White House for the next election.

    • profile image

      Michelle Saenz 13 months ago

      maybe they aren't worried because they have voting machines rigged in their favor. Maybe they don't care if Bernie Sanders supporters vote for them or not because of that.