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National Guard Specialist Chemical Company

Updated on October 14, 2011
At the range. Can you find the round casing??
At the range. Can you find the round casing??

I am currently a Specialist in the Minnesota Army National Guard. I am a Chemical Operations Specialist with the 434th Chemical Company. I really enjoy being in the military. Basic Training was hard, yes, but I think that it was one of the best experiences that I have ever gotten the chance to go through. If they told me that I had to do it again to continue to be in the military I would probably do it all over again. I hated it at the time but you are supposed to. They are making you exercise multiple times a day, feeding you food that is good for you not necessarily something that tastes good. The barracks, you always have something to complain about in the barracks. It's too hot, it's too cold, someone is snoring, someone has a light on, every five minutes someone wakes up to go to the bathroom, every hour the fireguard has to walk through just too see if anyone escaped, and the person above me didn't shower after PT today and I can smell them down here. I have heard and witnessed it all. Then their are the Drill Sergeants, some are crazy and think that they are gods (which they can act like) and some are really nice until they have to be mean. I know that I didn't go through when basic training was hard but mine was tough, and I do not like the way that they are changing it. Now soldiers can have their cell phones on Sundays, get on post passes on Sundays (when they have been good) which means they can go bowling, have pizza, fraternize, and all the things that I didn't even get to do while I was there. With all of the new rules in place people are still getting half way through basic training and saying that they hate it and it is too hard for them, that they want to go home. Once you get through all of that it is not that hard anymore. You get to your unit and they treat you like family the minute you walk through the door. I am currently the unit historian, so I take photos of my unit in training and just having fun and give all of the pictures to them to share with their family members. I am currently working towards my E-5, which means that I will be a 20 year old Sergeant. Wish Me Luck!!


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