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National Rifle Association Commercial Destroys Anti-Woman Leftists on Gun Control

Updated on September 21, 2016

Trending NRA Commercial Makes a Powerful Statement

A very real life scenario in which a woman would genuinely need a firearm is a single mother who may fear for her life from a deranged ex-boyfriend or husband. It's a situation that's unfortunately too common in the USA. The police can only detain a person for so long, and they can only provide resources to watch a persons home for so long before they have to go about their normal routines again for the community. A restraining order will not actually prevent a crazy ex-boyfriend from wanting to kill their former lover. The only reasonable means of security when all else fails, is a handgun. There's nothing more empowering to a woman, or anyone else that is victimized for that matter, than a well manufactured handgun.

The NRA commercial seems to nail it when it comes to a woman's personal safety. It begins with a woman hearing something from down below her bedroom elsewhere in the house. There is no one else around except for her and the assailant. The narrator in the commercial mentions that the police have an average response time of 11 minutes, which is 11 minutes too long. She woman leaves her bed and rushes to her safe to pull out her gun which isn't there. As the commercial closes the narrator says that Hillary Clinton, with the help of a leftist leaning supreme court, could take away her right to own a firearm. The phone drops signifying that its too late and she will be a victim.

A typical response from a gun control advocate would likely say something like " hey we just want some common sense reforms!" Those common sense laws already exist. You can't be crazy and own a firearm. You cant be a felon and own a firearm. And you most certainly cant be a terrorist and own a firearm. The background checks actually work. But what gun control advocates don't understand is that if someone never made a negative impact to be "on the governments radar", it doesn't matter if the FBI interviews the customer in their home. The background check wouldn't work with someone with criminal intent. As a matter of fact, on the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) the customer even documents that there is no criminal intent with the weapon they are about to purchase. So in essence, the government is doing a fantastic job in keeping legal guns away from criminals. They're just doing a really bad job at reading minds and stopping the illegal flow of ghost guns from the black market into the US.

Hillary Clinton claims to be the champion of women's rights. Never mind that she wants to bring in thousands of people from an anti-woman culture into a secular pro-woman society. She's already called for a 25% tax on firearms. Clinton couldn't even acknowledge that the 2nd Amdendment is part of the Constitution. She's also openly said that an Australian mandatory gun buy back is worth considering. How does any of this make sense for someone who is pro-woman? How does a 25% tax on firearms constitute "common sense"?

For someone like Hillary Clinton, its common sense that you don't need a gun but she does for her protection. Because you're a peasant that can settle for calling the police like all the other average Joe's and Jane's. She's important, she needs a security detail with Glocks on their hips. Hypocrisy much?

Clinton surrounded by an armed security detail
Clinton surrounded by an armed security detail

And for those who's response is "but it's their job, she's a legitimate target!" How do you know the rest of us peasants aren't in an identical situation like the fearful single mother who wants to protect her child? What about the handicapped person who lives in a crime ridden area? Why would leftists make it harder for them to own a firearm in what could be the most dangerous period of their lives? The answer is that it's ultimately about control and a pandering narrative to people who don't know any better when it comes to firearms and the laws related. Part of the problem is people genuinely don't understand the subject of guns other than whatever they're told from the media or their professors in school.

If anything leftist should be encouraging more concealed carry.The Centers for Disease Control revealed that gun ownership is imperative for crime prevention. They even reported that gun deterrence happens so often in the United States that they can't even make an accurate guess as to how often. It reads that it happens at least as often as gun crimes and at most around 3 million instances where private ownership of guns have saved lives. Common sense reforms should be about lifting the ceiling that was put on guns, sustain the basic background checks that exist and promote gun ownership as a means of safety preparedness.

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