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National Women’s Month

Updated on April 10, 2018

Women's month

National Women’s Month

March is recognized as National Women’s Month. In celebration of Women’s month, my class read three passages. The first passage is called An Act of Courage, a story of Rosa Parks and the bus boycotts that ended segregation in Montgomery, Alabama. The second passage is called Monuments Men Foundation for the Preservation of Art, which revolves around an organization of men and women which preserved arts from bombers and Hitler in WWII. And the last passage is called 2014 International Women of Courage Awards, which is a speech by Michelle Obama on how influential women can influence others, and how we have the same potential, and how we can all make ripple effects around the world. All these stories have in common is that they’re about heroes. (primarily) Influential women who are the epitome of what it takes to make a change and being courageous.

A part of being courageous is about being brave. A portion of being a ‘hero’ is to face usually danger or your fears. There were significant acts of bravery in both Courage and Monuments Men. I believe Courage shows bravery in paragraph 3; the passage states “Parks knew the risks when she defended her rights and was determined to do more for her community.” This shows that she decided to be brave for the black community despite the risks. Monuments Men shows bravery in paragraph 3, where the passage states “It was left to the Monuments Men to figure a way to save da Vinci’s Last Supper, painted on the refectory wall of the convent at Santa Maria Delle Grazie before the Allies bombed Milan.” This sentence shows that even bombs can’t stop monuments men making a change.

Another part of being courageous is about being an inspiration. Heroes usually are revered and have a vast fan base. There were times of inspiration in Courage and International Women. A time of inspiration in Courage in paragraph 3, the passage states “Her actions inspired other African Americans to rally for equality.” This shows that Rosa was a trailblazer on the road to equality.I believe that International Women shows inspiration in paragraph 1, where the passage states “it is one of the highlights of my year because I always walk away feeling inspired by these women” This shows that many inspirational women are willing to make a change.

And the last vital part of being courageous is to stand up for what’s right. Heroes usually stand up for people who can’t take a stand on their own. There are times where Monuments Men and International Women. Have people that stand up for what’s right. I believe that Monuments Men has people that stand up because, in paragraph 1, the passage states “Long before World War II began, Hitler had planned the systematic looting of Europe’s finest museums and private collections. Thanks, in large part, to the Monuments Men, he wasn’t entirely successful.” This shows that they took a stand against Hitler stripping Europe of it’s finest arts. I believe that International Women also had people who stood up for what’s right because, in paragraph 5, the passage states “As one of our honorees, Zimbabwe’s Beatrice Mtetwa, as she once said about the fight for progress in her home country, “This has to be done. Somebody’s got to do it, and why shouldn’t it be you?” This shows that Beatrice is saying that why can’t it be you to make a change.

March is recognized as National Women’s Month. In celebration of Women’s month, my class read three passages. The first passage is called An Act of Courage, Monuments Men Foundation for the Preservation of Art, and 2014 International Women of Courage Awards. All these passages have influential women who are brave, inspirational and stand up for what’s right. All three characteristics make these women courageous and ready to make a change.


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    • Ricky Danota profile image

      Ricky Danota 

      8 months ago from Indonesia

      Good article

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      8 months ago

      Nice Topic


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