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Nationhood narration

Updated on February 22, 2016

Vision 2020

Implementation of the competition is to ensure the success of the campaign Love Setia Bestari program, the Department of Information Malaysia, which began in 2003.

Nationhood Narration Contest has a precise goal to enhance awareness and understanding of the people through storytelling abilities of participants based on a script by using the methods of face to face communication. Participants will also be allowed to use aids such as computer media, music, visual, lighting techniques and others to attract viewers.

The competition also aims to provide an opportunity for Malaysians to express your opinions, insights into the art and culture of Malaysia.

In addition, this competition also hopes to increase the feeling of love of country and patriotism among Malaysians towards supporting the Government's efforts in the direction of creativity and innovation to build a Malaysia that is integrated, peaceful and fully developed with its own benchmark by 2020.


-Promotes Citizens expressed views and opinions on the policies of the Government through alternative media such as traditional art, traditional and modern poetry and other forms of ethnic cultures and different races in Malaysia.
-Increase Awareness, knowledge and understanding of the people about the country's policies.
-Menggalakan Script writing skills and convey a message of statehood in the form of story-telling with the help of media support


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