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Native American Mascots

Updated on March 25, 2012

Tinyville is proud of their school system. It has good test scores. The teachers are committed and sacrificial. The sports teams are competitive and character building. All of this is tied to a history of community pride. Two of the schools in Tinyville have had a mascot for decades that now seem a little odd. 

Tinyville Whites Mascot
Tinyville Whites Mascot

Tinyville Whites

First, Tinyville Middles School's mascot is the "White." The Tinyville White has traditionally worn tights, 18th century breeches, a frilly shirt, a white wig, carries a musket, sometimes rides a horse, and has always been played by a very light complexion, blonde haired, blue eyed man. The crowds chant "We are the Whites, the mighty, mighty Whites." A few people in Tinyville have asked whether or not the mascot should be changed. After all, white people no longer dress this way, and the musket is a symbol of past violence against other people groups. Most of Tinyville just ignores these self-righteous pleas though. It's just a mascot. Don't be so offended. "Go Whites!" However, a growing minority of Tinyville has become disturbed by the idea of "Whites" being the mascot.

Goodman Blacks

Second, the elementary school at the north end of town is named after a town figure. James L. Goodman. People call it Goodman Elementary for short. Goodman Elementary's mascot is the "Black." The mascot has traditionally been pictured as a very dark skinned and fit Massai warrior carrying a spear. Of course, this doesn't seem out of place to most of the town. They have always been the Goodman Blacks. "Go Blacks!" However, a growing minority of Tinyville has become disturbed by the idea of "Blacks" being the mascot.  

Tinyville Indians Mascot
Tinyville Indians Mascot

Indian Mascot

Then there is Tinyville High. No one has ever complained about their mascot. It is more like other mascots. You know: animals, mythical creatures, and such. They are the Tinyville Indians. Traditionally a light brown skinned male dons a chieftains headress, paints his face with war paint, carries a spear, rides an Appaloosa horse and chants war cries around the stadium. While people in Tinyville seem to be increasingly uncomfortable with Tinyville "Whites" and Goodman "Blacks" no one ever raises a fuss about the Tinyville "Indians." That's normal after all.


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  • Dave Ward profile image

    Dave Ward 6 years ago from Goldenrod Plains

    So Devils and Demon Deacons are the same things as Blacks or Whites or Indians? Interesting.

  • feenix profile image

    feenix 6 years ago

    Dave Ward, this is a very interesting, thought-provoking hub. Personally, I do not consider it to be offensive when mascots have such names as Indians, Blacks or Whites. After all, no one ever gets upset when mascots are called such names as Romans, Trojans, Spartans, Irish, Celtics, Orange Men, Vikings, Huns, Angels, Devils and Demon Deacons.