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Nature Talks

Updated on February 18, 2015

First men imitated sounds with their voices that Nature creates, either for utilitarianness or for entertainment. Birds singing, water dingdong... are pleasant; beasts-growling, storming... are deterrent.


When humans aquired richer and richer esthetic sense, voices could have not fully performed sounds of Nature, then they used natural materials to produce instruments, on which beautiful sounds and rythms flow out, melting into the charm of Nature. All those had been developed into music, written out by notes in humans’ language. Pleasant parts are in clear rhythmed beats, which is called “consonance” played out by instruments, such as piano; deterrent parts in blurry weak beats, which called “noise” played out by drums, etc.

It is legendary that Shen Nong Shi, one of the Five Ancient Emperors in China, went into a mountain one day, and saw five phoenixes. Then, he picked up a piece of bamboo plant, and made it into a musical instrument, i.e. bamboo flute.
It is legendary that Shen Nong Shi, one of the Five Ancient Emperors in China, went into a mountain one day, and saw five phoenixes. Then, he picked up a piece of bamboo plant, and made it into a musical instrument, i.e. bamboo flute. | Source

Not only sounds, early people also followed wild activities, either for worship or for survival. Nature is the home offering basic necessities, but dangerous and mysterious. They used animals as their “tokens”, symbolizing charm or strength, to show their awe to the Nature. Those animal symbols are called “totens”, from which humans, allegedly, had developed another art form, “dance”.


Humans imitated behaviours of Nature to express their awing, loving, and understanding to Nature. The swaying of every leaf is a melody, the falling of every raindrop is a note...


Music and dance is the language for communicating between humans and Nature. They were derived from Nature, and also the method that humans provide feedback to Nature. People use such a language to display their own minds, if someone else understand through the meaning by listening or appreciating, they were “ones who know each other’s sound in minds”.


Yu Boya was a musician in ancient China. One day, he stayed at a mountain-side playing his Gu Qin, a traditional Chinese musical instrument. Suddenly, he heard someone else nearby saying “where to play strong is as if mountains loom, where soft as if waters flow”. The one was Zhong Ziqi, a local farmer. He listened to the music as he listened to the musician’s mind. Years later, when Boya came to there again, but Ziqi had passed away. Then, Boya sighed “the one who knows my mind is gone”. He destroyed the Gu Qin, and never played music again.

However, humans are humans, the spirit built by cruel Nature with everlasting war. Cities were born. Gigantic constructures become “tokens”. People keep complaining “I hate noise, crowd, traffic, which drives me crazy”, “I hate pollution, technology, which deprives me of health”, but nobody would like to imagine living in a secluded water-mountain site for one week with no power, no signal, of course no noise and any pollutions. Well, music and dance has become more of a bridge by lyrics between people and people, instead of and Nature.


Primitive people had lived in wildness, which was their home. Modern people who live in man-made parks, streets are called “homelessness”, an uncivilised phenomenon in civilized world. Civilised people carry God’s job on shoulders to swear to eliminate “the un-civilised” by a fixed date, which is overreached and meaningless at all. If you are blind to the solution in roots, rotted twigs and leaves will be ever growing. First people had survived from nakedness, which is called “barbarousness”. Then, they had used leaves to cover their bodies to hide humiliation, and produced clothing for attractiveness when aquired enough wisdom. Nowadays, people with brains (males and females) become topless on civilized streets in the sun, which is called “human rights”. Then, it is nothing concerns laws, just be left alone with any negative effects.


Civilised cities need and must make every effort to pave a smooth way for common life to grow, which is the most fundamental right endowed by God. One of things is called “transportation system”. Then it is NECESSARY to ask the public to vote “Yes or No”, such as to set a “plebiscite”, because of “money behind”, which is called “democracy”.


A dam is under the way to be constructed at an exchange with reforming a river under a name of “Peace” for “affordable and reliable power” for the public to survive, but nobody mentions whether it is NECESSARY to have a “plebiscite” to see if that group of people have been using non-affordable and non-reliable power along history until today, because Nature is Nature, which is under the way to become “the conquered” and can by no means to speak or announce anything in humans’ language, which is called “CIVILIZATION”.

Nature's music and dance is fading away...

Happy Lunar New Year of Sheep and Goats of 2015


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