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"Near Death Details" (Without the Manic Detachment from Reality)

Updated on August 13, 2011

How I Escaped

Anyone reading my last post might very well be wondering: "What ultimately happened?". Well, fortunately I started telling my brother what was going on inside my mind. Keep in mind that I could actually hear distorted and very distracting music being played the entire time I was trying to show you how I escaped. I'd taken caffeine to make my tired, barely-functioning mind keep working. Something was trying to erase what I'd just learned and I wasn't going to allow that to happen. Unfortunately, all these visions of Armageddon, being "left behind" and a desire to have friends in the meantime got to me. So I began spouting all this stuff that only carries one useful lesson for you: do not seek "dark power" to combat electronic harassment because labeling yourself as "Evil" gets an attempt on your life the very next day!

It's still FAKE or I'd most definitely be: dead, in a mental hospital or obeying something I really wouldn't want to. So, the night before the attack I'd asked for the power to avenge myself against these "V-People". I never invoked the Devil's name, I simply said: "In the name of all that is powerful, give me the strength to make these "invaders" go away"! Well, a very grim tone that I'd never heard before began to overshadow the wild ringing in my ears. Suddenly, I felt infused with the power to kick some serious ass. I was playing Online Halo and I just kept dominating. I eventually decided to go to sleep, which I did well.

Then I woke up to this "Hotel California" crap. Even though it seemed like "my last show", I wasn't going to give anyone the satisfaction of a single emotion. I decided to play Halo online to demonstrate my contempt for "the system". I began to notice "the fake heart-attack sequence": all-over-body-sweating, tightness in the chest and a "foreboding feeling". The phrase: "It's always the one's that you don't see coming that hurt the worst." came to mind. Well, like I said: I took 3 40Mg propranolol tablets to BLOCK ADRENALINE. Then I took some Kratom to make this experience as enjoyable as it possibly could be. Then I put my headphones on. Only ONE ear-piece worked so I had to focus on everything that came into that ear and ignore EVERYTHING ELSE.

Sure enough, my muscles began to spasm. It was like something could pull all of my muscles while giving me very ominous thoughts. I ignored them. The golden joy i derived from the music kept me more than calm, even though my body was experiencing an outward: tugging, spasming, contorting. At a time like this, you have absolutely NO energy to waste talking to anyone at all. So when people came in, I simply closed my eyes and let the relaxation obtained from my music and self-created "happy thoughts" flow. I remained happy, despite every single lie my body was feeling. The warmth and peace that kept me safe was completely internally-derived. It worked.

After awhile, I began to "silently seethe" with resentment. I could finally emotionally resent everything that had been done to me in the hope of "converting" me. It felt as though these hostile emotions were being broadcast all over the place and that everyone could hear/feel them. It felt quite liberating, so I continued "psychically"-spewing out every negative emotion I'd ever felt towards the "system". After 3 hours of not responding to my environment, I had learned that it didn't matter what "signals" you were was how you INTERPRETED them that really counted. In my case, I kept hearing a "Ahhhh-Ahhhhh-Ah!-Ah!" which seemed very demonic and un-pleasant. To keep them from keeping me down, I interpreted them to mean "Indian Chanting". That way, I didn't have to regard them as being malevolent or directed at me for malevolent purposes. That way, I didn't resent my environment at all and could continue to do whatever I was doing.

Every once in a while, I'd get this "boodla-boodla-boodla" sound which actually made me laugh because it didn't make any sense at all. Someone outside kept revving their hedge-trimmer, but I interpreted this to mean that I was causing an uprising. This is when I got all these visions of Armageddon and how awful it was going to be for everybody. When I then stayed up that night before the "Near Death Experience", I asked the "dark side" for help in repelling these intruders and avenging mankind. I became a "war machine", dealing doom and death to the "invaders".

Then, after I survived the attempt on my sanity.........i was weak in that I felt so "Up", YET VERY DISORIENTED. You would think that being "Up" is all-protecting, but for me it was some kind of weakness. Actually, it may have been the only thing that kept me from being "converted". My mind was simply too weak from not sleeping for 4 days. Never let that happen. Admit yourself to a mental health facility if you haven't slept that long because it JUST ISN'T GOOD!

Anyhow, we have proof that all you must do is find a way to ignore ALL your "feelings", muscle-twitching and bad thoughts to survive a "possession attempt". Just stay SUPER-CALM throughout the episode and avoid "venting" like I did. It only complicates the process to where you feel that you are precisely that which you set out to get revenge yourself/family/friends against........and that just isn't any good, either!


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      The fake death, they give up on that, this last times. I think it's because the late event on that I get a flash of the program before awake and did something with that knowledge. Stop the program.

      I miss so much my computer...(public library access now)one thing if I don't have afraid of be isolate, without no one to understand or talk to, or without afraid of losing job or erever they do, I get a really good help.

      It's really like that, I think, do things I like/want, have a perspective of myself in daily bases. Why do you think is about that time - 6 PM?

      One thing that by now I think is true. Do you would like to know why the they think I'm a machine or snob? I tell you, because I do better on work. Get it? And I do no have time to foolish talk, my time get to valious, fighting to win this. Jealous simple as that, but one thing exist that is true, I try to be selective in the way I stay in the world so...don't care what they think.They would be always someone in the world that don't like your way, so what? They have right, as the some you have to be the person you want to be. I only count with God, is true, I focus on my goal- win my life, my free-will, being free.

      I rather prefere be determine, focus and say no, that be nice, for me this is true smartness, for my life now. Perhaps I more distance to feelings but I think that I really managing them than they managing me, simple as that, so... I'm bit like a machine sometimes, a bit selective many times, but simply I'm choosing!

      You want to know what made me weak? I tell you what, was I felt that I couldn't doing anything about my life, they were intruding so much that a half year passed and I see fewer changes that I thought that I could get. Change my perspective, now I write my little accomplish, put my motivation and faith as much high that I can and I only count with God and where is my life, in this way of be.

      Thank you for your support MOEFLATS. :) Big wonderful day to you! :)

    • MOEFLATS profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Just remember that when they make you feel that your life is about to end, it's just a gimmick to produce an abrupt break with reality. Right now, I get people driving near me with plates that say or imply that I am "sick". Well, I don't buy that, either. People who allow themselves to think they are: weak, sick, about to die do so NEVER believe anything they tell you about your life ending/health.

      They told me I only had 100 days to live about 2 years ago.....and they had me on edge during that time. I didn't know which thing I felt more: 1. Stupid or 2. Relieved. I've been told I was about to die close to a hundred times (or more). Well, I'm still: healthy, active and functional.

      Remember to "think nice thoughts" and think of ways to improve your life. It makes things so much easier. Today was GREAT until about 6PM. It always seems to get worse at around that time. Also, blast those eardrums with music so that: loud noises, button-pushing, the "binaural messages" or "ritualistic chanting" don't get you down. I still say you can FIND this "salvation frequency" and it will not only protect you: it will make you nicer and smarter, too. Keep going, my friend!!!!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      "I wasn't going to give anyone the satisfaction of a single emotion". I understand. For me this is happen everyday, I think some people think I'm crazy. Some do everything they can to push me to react and I ignore, but it's very lonely to be always on a thin line at 100 meters high, figure of speech.It's the only way to survive for me. Some think I'm a machine, others think I'm snob...

      I'm really fed up about all the agents like in "The Matrix"- who is not awake is a sleep- many times this came to my mind, even because with all the fake things they do, I ask... are you dreaming? Perhaps I am, or... I see the moves around me, it's a...when they push the strings on family and friends... I'm starting to ask if they push the strings or in fact the persons were always like that, and I didn't accept? Difficult question or not... I'm having one of this days... that almost would like to get my car and drive until the end of the world, or start a revolution, or kick some ass...and say awake up everyone that are a sleep!!! Because one thing I know someone is a sleep...Well time by this moment is not on my better relax, do a meditation and think that the win is at front! We are always on watch, other moments when we aren't we need incredible faith to do that, it's always a need of superman power to cope with this moment I really need to believe that I create my destiny, because when I started to notice the time pass by in this...that made me doubt and made me weak to some moves, since by now I recognize that, I can continue in the blind faith that sustains my preserverance in hope, keep going... keep going...your right to freedom, your right to create will win!!


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