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Early Childhood Development: A Warning

Updated on August 3, 2016

The function of a family is to support, protect and empower children when times are hard as well as when times are good. A mother and father suppose to love and cherish their child at all times. As loving parents, this is our main responsibility. Families all over the world, whether in United States, China, Russia, Africa, Asia or India, must stand up to the plate. In order for our children to feel good about themselves and grow up to be successful adults, we must display a positive influence on the child's life. Influence is the most important factor.

Impact of Influences

The negative impact of families upon early childhood development can result in a dysfunctional lifestyle. Low self-esteem, social isolation, depression, victimization and fear of rejection are the result of a negative family impact. These negative emotional states can wreak havoc in a child's life. For example, many teenagers turn to drugs and alcohol to try to ease the pain of their suffering. Others may turn to materialism or sexual promiscuity in order to find some kind of satisfaction. The reality of not getting enough love, support, and encouragement from family takes a toll on the person.


Many types of negative family influences may impact our lives as a child. Divorce has a dramatic impact on a child's life. Children who experience the divorce of a mother or father may become depressed or rebellious in society. Such emotional states as anger, bitterness, jealousy of others with stable families, poor performance in school are possible results of the negative impact of divorce on young children.

Verbal Abuse

Another negative family influence is abuse. Abuse can occur in a variety of ways, including verbal abuse, physical abuse or sexual abuse. Verbal abuse occurs when a mother, father or sister or brother be litter the talents and abilities of another family member. Such phrases as “ You'll never be anything.” or “You are a poor excuse for a child.” or “ You can't do anything without messing up” are words that can enter deeply into the psyche of a child and ruin his perception of the future.

Moment of Truth

Do You Know Children Who were Victims of Some kind of Abuse?

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Physical Abuse

Physical abuse occurs when a parent physically beats or injures the child. In most instances, physical abuse can go on for years without the child revealing such reality. Many times a child may not tell family members or go to the police for fear of further violence. However, physical abuse must be immediately dealt with to avoid more serious violence. Children who are abused by parents or guardians may never fully recover from the trauma if nothing is done about it.

The Ball is in Your Hand: Stop Abuse

Single Parent Homes

A negative family impact can also occur as a result of single parent homes, where children must take care of themselves, especially if the mother or father has to work two jobs. In many of these homes, an older sibling attempts to take care of the younger siblings. However, if the strength, guidance, and nurture of a mother are missing, the situation becomes more dysfunctional. The nurture and strength of a mother and father can not be denied when it comes to producing positive family influences.

The Call to Responsibility

Negative family impacts must be eradicated from society. Programs must become more proactive in targeting troubled families within the community. Since the family is the most important factor in building a strong community, the problem must be taken seriously by all involved, including community leaders such as teachers, business people, religious leaders, concerned neighbors and courageous family members who want to see a significant change. Children are our future. We must make sure their lives are headed in the right direction if we want our communities to be strong and progressive in the years to come.


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    • tiffany delite profile image

      tiffany delite 5 years ago from united states

      negative influences seem to overshadow positive influences in our society today. it is up to us to be the change we want to see in the world. i experienced many of these negative influences myself, and my children have been subjected to some as well; however, i have instilled in them a love for life, and i try to always let the positive outshine the negative! blessings!