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Negative Role of Media Since Long

Updated on May 3, 2017

Social Media

Social media has become a handy tool in the hands of everybody but politicians and some organizations use it as their mouthpiece. There are many media groups of political organizations that wage a war with the opponents on these websites. As we are growing modern, new gadgets are being invented to compete with the opponent. There were rumor spreaders in the past which were assigned the duty to formulate public opinion about a specific policy of the government. The kings were replaced through such efforts. Then were invented radio and televisions after newspapers. They were also used and are still being used as the propaganda tools. Now the situation has changed. The different news channels are working for different interests and political parties. The channels are almost for sale.

Media For Sale Now

You can give them money and they would speak and write for you. There is not any news channel in the world which is reporting truth. There are some restrictions on each and every channel. These are not from the governments but by the media owners. They are taking sides of their sponsors.

Same is the case with social media. It began with the Yahoo messenger and other such chatting services. Face book came in the field with much more intensity. Then twitter and whats App and now there are a lot of other such sites which are trying to win the interest of the people and parties to use their forum.

Cat's Paw

The social media is uncensored. It is open for everybody to use and misuse it. Often it is misused by the people who want to influence the public opinion. It is a tool of spreading false news and opinions. It is also a source of spreading vulgarity. The person who uses such media falls a prey to nude pictures which are sponsored by the prostitutes and other persons. These are the source of spreading evil and misconception among the public. You Tube Daily motion and thousands of such other channels are also included in this category.

Recently the twitter became very popular in this regard. The tweets of Donald Trump became very popular or notorious. These became the centre of interest for whole the world. These have become part and parcel of the life. Even the mushroom seller is using twitter and whats app and face book.

Then there are fake identities of the enemies of the state. They write for others and defame the targeted country. They are like the Taliban who were created by the west to confess every brutality which was committed by their secret services. Now a day ISIS is doing the same thing. Where there is ISIS there is terrorism and violence though committed by some vested interests but confessed by ISIS.


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