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Neighbourhood Fundraising

Updated on August 23, 2013

Organising Events

Organising a public event to raise funds for an individual cause or for a charity is quite a big undertaking but should not be too difficult to manage. There are online sites which offer help in this situation, so that all you need to do is provide the details of the cause you are fundraising for and the goal you are trying to reach. They will then take care of all the planning and marketing on your behalf, or they will assist you in making the right choices and help you to keep everything legal and above board.

If you chose to go it alone however, there are a number of events that shouldn't be too hard to handle.


Sponsored Dance

Some special events that are fairly easy to organise are sponsored events like walking, cycling, swimming, dancing etc.

A sponsored dance for example could be a marathon where individuals are sponsored for the amount of hours they can continue to dance without stopping. There could also be a prize for the dancer or dancers who are the last on their feet; providing an added incentive for them to continue, along with the amount of money they are accumulating for the cause. Another way would be for a ballroom dancing event in which ladies should charge would-be partners for each dance, or of course for the men to charge the ladies. Females would line up along one side of the dance floor and males on the other, and each person who invites another to dance would be asked to pay a fixed fee; regardless of gender. This makes a fun way to raise funds which also can result in many new friendships being formed, or possibly even relationships.


Sponsored Swimming and Sports

A sponsored swimming event could ask sponsors to pay for every length of a swimming pool the swimmer manages, or widths in the case of younger children. Or there could be races where points are awarded according to final positions, and with sponsors paying per point gained: the amount per point will be up to the individual sponsor. Probably one point should be awarded to each child that enters each event, so that no one is left out.

The same points could be used with a sponsored sports event; each child receives a point for every event they take part in and then the winners awarded maximum points and each position there after earning one less point.

Street Sale

A great fundraising event to enjoy in your local neighbourhood is for a street sale; which will be like a garage sale or car boot sale, where every household will donate goods to be sold and the entire neighbourhood can join in, with all proceeds going to the charity or adopted cause. It may be that you are trying to raise money for a neighbour who needs expensive medical care, or a motorised trike to help them get around, and this is a great way for the entire neighbourhood to help out. Advertising can be done through home-made posters pinned up around the area or debited door-to-door, while local vicars could inform their congregation and pub owners, shopkeepers, teachers etc could pass the word to their customers and students. The larger the area involved in the street sale, the more opportunity there will be to raise large amounts of cash.

Car Washing


Car Wash and Tombola

A sponsored car wash is another fun event to involve the entire neighbourhood; volunteers will wash cars for a fixed price, say five pounds per car, and a lot of fun can be had while making money in this way.

Local shopkeepers can be encouraged to donate goods to be raffled or for a tombola, with all proceeds going to the charity or chosen recipient. The tombola is usually the most popular, as the customer will buy a ticket and immediately receive the prize corresponding to that number. A raffle of course involves everyone buying tickets and then waiting until the end of the event to find out which numbers will be drawn; either idea is a good way to raise money, as long as store owners are happy to donate prizes.

Losing the Beard


individual Efforts

Individuals can raise money by offering to cut off their hair or even shave their heads, or a man who has sported a beard for years may even offer to shave it if sponsored. The good thing here is that hair and beards will soon grow again, and may even result in another sponsored event later on. The more daring may offer to do something that terrifies them if enough sponsors back them up, like for instance bungee jumping or parachuting, or learning to ride a horse.

Anyone intending to go on a diet could give themselves an added incentive by asking for sponsors for their efforts, with sponsors paying per pound lost, or offering a fixed amount when a goal weight is reached.Indi

Selling Baked Goods

Sponsoring is not the only way to raise money as is shown by the success of Girl Scouts in the US who raise funds by selling cookies. Cookies and cupcakes can be sold door-to-door or at an event, and a bake sale is another great idea, where people are encouraged to bake bread, cakes, pies and pastries and donate them to the bake sale for neighbours to buy, and with all proceeds going to the cause

Corporate Help

Some confectionery companies could be convinced to sell you their produce at a discounted rate, so that you can resell the items at full price and raise funds this way. A company that makes chocolate bars for example; would sell a few boxes at the same price, or even less, than they would sell to a large retailer buying dozens of boxes in one order. When they are told the reason for the fundraising, most large corporations are only too happy to help out.

If all this sounds like too much organising and effort for the little time you have spare. then let the professionals take care of the details for you; the cost of their services will be covered by the additional funds raised. Good luck and have fun!


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