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Neighbours from Hell - Do you have Neighbour Hell?

Updated on May 11, 2011
Pesky Hounds!
Pesky Hounds!

The Neighbour from Hell

I am not sure why I decided to talk about neighbour hell in this hub, I was actually thinking in more of a 'general' figurative speech the same as the bible says 'love thy neighbour' and this could mean anybody around you in your daily life. However we all know some people are impossible to live with and in my case it is the people who live around me at my parents house, this is one of the main reasons I chose to go travelling in 3 weeks time.

I know it sounds nasty but my sister is a sloth, and I am talking in terms of the negative quality and not the creature. She visits my parents house about 3 times a week and brings my niece since she is a single mum and relies on my mother to do a lot for her, you may say I am complaining and need to be more tolerant but this not the case. To me this is my version of neighbour hell, being academic and aspiring I want to break away from this environment of constant noise of children and smoking sister and be surrounded by people of a similar intellectual nature, I have tried and managed to live away for 8 months but I am writing this article as therapy whilst I await my next chance to get away.

I decided it would be fun to include photographs of common neighbour hell problems others encounter and talk about ways this could be avoided and the severity of the torment it causes the person on the receiving end.

The first photo I have displayed above shows what dogs do naturally when left alone, dig holes!! Obviously what had happened here was the neighbour from hell's dog had dug away the gravel from near the fence but this could be fixed by filling the hole with cement and covering it over with existing gravel? Sometimes you just have to tolerate bad neighbours to avoid confrontation!

Photo courtesy of Tobyotter

Neighbours from Hell 2

The problem with the next neighbour from hell according to the photographer was that he was in the military and comes home late at night but never mows his lawn, brings in his telephone book or collects his mail.

Long grass is always unsightly because one might think that snakes could be lurking in there! Maybe the neighbour could suggest replacing it with gravel? As for collecting his phone book and mail I believe this is his business.

Photo courtesy of Tobyotter

Neighbours from Hell 3

If the grass wasn't something to complain about then this next neighbour from hell's garden is, overflowing with brambles and vines that could grow through fence gaps into your garden this would be a problem that gets worse the longer you leave it.

Brambles are more of an eyesore than long grass and can harbour all kinds of rodents, not to mention you would need a skip to dispose of them since backyard fires can be a dangerous method of removal. There was once a bungalow of an elder person in my neighbour-hood that was completely covered with ivy since he was unable to remove it himself, me and my other childhood friends often pondered what sort of person would live there.

Photo courtesy of Editor B

Neighbours from Hell 4

Another cause for agitation amongst neighbours is cars! We all pride ourselves on our transportation, even if we just see ourselves as privileged to own a vehicle. As my best friend says 'Your car is your chariot' Anyhow, we can sometimes be annoyed with hap-hazard driving skills of neighbours who bump your car and take over parking space which was reserved for your household.

Photo courtesy of sduck409

Neighbours and Domestic DIsturbance

Lastly, we return to dogs! As we know dog can not only dig and poop on your lawn but can also be very noisy, this usually occurs when the neighbour has gone out for the day or you have visitors not at the door. Dogs will whine and howl if they think their master has abandoned them, they also bark if they think an intruder is entering their den, however there are methods of control such as the shock collar or high pitch emitter that 'punish' the dog if he it ignores commands to quiet down.

Photo courtesy of ktylerconk


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