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Neither the Congress is demon nor the BJP is saint!

Updated on April 15, 2014

Media hype on Modi as PM.

It is not rosy to become Prime Minister!

Even taking the latest election survey as true, it is evident that BJP would garner around 220 seats on its own. But the half way mark to form the government is 273. Hence BJP will fall short of 50+ seats in the Lok Sabha or Parliament. I understand that the allies would contribute the balance seats.

Now let us foresee what is going to happen in the post-election scenario. No party will simply endorse the dictate of BJP. For every seat to boost up the majority, BJP will have to accommodate the demands of allies like important cabinet portfolios, and their likes and dislikes to certain policies of BJP led government. It will not be easy for Modi to compromise the allies since he is quite new to coalition politics in the Center. That is the reason why Modi is requesting the voters to give atleast 300+ to the BJP led NDA government so that the government would be strong.

None of the allies formed prior to election are favoring the manifesto released by the BJP since each party that would be part of the coalition will have their own wish lists. Hence Modi has to manage an assorted group of around ten different allies. Even within BJP, there is lot of heartburn due to the prominence given to Modi, sidelining many seniors. There should be a prudent mix of old guards and new faces so that the government would function smoothly. Though the present government led by Dr.Manmohan Singh is targeted to be a weak one, full of scams and wrong policies, let Modi occupy the seat and govern the country and know the predicament of ruling a country which is so vast and heterogeneous. He may be a man of strong will with an iron hand. But in the circumstance of a coalition politics, it will not be easy for Modi to safely navigate the administration.

It is a fact that excepting one or two, none of the associates of Modi are of good reputation. Modi is keeping them for trouble shooting. Governing a state is entirely different from governing a country. In that respect, we have to accept the capacity of Dr.Manmohan Singh. He has to work amongst power seekers. He has to take care of the policies of the government. Not all bureaucrats are sincere as may be seen now. Everyone from the former Telecom minister to present day advisors who have left to reap their fortune are accusing him. People know about the character of the present PM. He is calm but he has managed the balancing show between the governance and party pretty well.

There are many hurdles to be faced by Modi. RSS, Sang parivar and Hindutwa core groups will not keep quiet once he becomes the PM. The coalition partners will be pestering him for various reasons. The Corporate houses which have relied heavily on him will be demanding their favors. India is not Gujarat alone. He has to tackle multitude of problems like foreign policy and defense establishments. Many states are facing water and power problems. Those disputes have to be settled amicably. He has to appease one and all in the governance. Many talk about the prominence given to Modi in the BJP. But, post elections, none will bear his head aches. In Election platforms, it is easy to accuse the other parties for corruption and maladministration. But the BJP itself was the center of corruption in Karnataka during the erstwhile rule of the party. For the sake of garnering few seats, the BJP is accommodating such tainted individuals in Karnataka.

Modi could have silenced many in his own state. But in the broader National scenario, he may have to accommodate many tainted individuals in future. Hence he may have to undertake many balancing acts with respect to each state and each ally. The people who praise him today would come to see the facts once he occupies the seat. If he gets the co-operation of all communities, then it will be a miracle. It is highly doubtful; with his Sangh background how he will manage the affairs. Today, he might have gained prominence. But once he occupies the PM post, god knows how he will sail through the coalition government. Modi may not be as weak as the present PM. But in spite of many odds and accusations, the Prime Minister has kept his calm. Even the Telecom Minister has hinted that the PM is in the know of things. The books written and released during the election time creates doubtfulness of intentions about the time of release of books by ex-advisor and Secretary to Coal Ministry. This is how politics run. Neither the Congress is a demon nor the BJP is a saint.


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