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Nelson Caves and Becomes Last Nail in the Coffin of Capitalism

Updated on January 5, 2010

Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson who just hours ago said he wouldn't vote for the "health care" bill because he’s against killing womb babies, became the 60th Judas in Pontius Pilot Harry Reid’s Sanhedrin. He's an opportunistic politician, which means we could not trust him and our mistrust was well placed.

A supposedly committed biblical believer, no matter what the politics, his allegiance to God's Word was to insure he would not waver. But sadly, as is the case with all so called Moderate Democrats (definitely an oxymoron) he has succumbed to pressure from the Anti Christ Barrack Hussein Obama!

Just what constituted Nelson’s 30 PIECES OF SILVER? Most think it was the Commander and Sheik’s threat to close Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska if he did not cooperate. A typical political decision we have come to expect from this Thug Like Administration; to hell with what’s best for the military, play ball or else! The Air Force Base in question is the Headquarters for the Strategic Air Command!

So thanks to Nelson we will have a health care bill that allows the use of tax money to pay for the ongoing slaughter of the innocent unborn. Nelson, like other fellow so called Roman Catholics, such as Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry and the late Ted Kennedy profess to believe in a religious life which is diametrically opposed to the political life they live.

Nelson has now ensured the passage of this shameful piece of legislation by Christmas Eve. This is the present the adoring Obamatrons that populate the Politburo have wanted to give the Anointed One since his ascension to the throne in January 2009.

So to hell with what over 60% of this country’s citizen’s want; as always is the case with any Oligarchy, we know what’s best for you so shut up and go away!

In explaining his vote Nelson said in a press conference this morning "Change is never easy, but change is what's neccessary in America today!" So again, TO HELL WHAT AMERICA WANTS CHANGE IS WHAT’S NECESSARY AND WE’RE GOING TO CHANGE AMERICA INTO A MARXIST SOCIALIST COUNTRY!

Also like Landrieu’s Louisiana Purchase Nelson's home state of Nebraska was given additional funding to offset the cost of the Medicaid expansion. Hey what cost, I thought this bill was revenue neutral.

Where does this leave us now? The Senate is expected to hold its first procedural vote on health care on Monday in order to stay on track for a final vote on Christmas Eve.

Next month, the House and Senate will reconcile their bills, which will then have to pass both chambers again before His Highness Sheikh Hussein Obama can sign it, which then gives him bragging rights for his State of the Union address. I told you I was special; I’ve accomplished what no other president before me has ever done before; come worship at my alter!

God help us for truly we are incapable of helping ourselves!



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    • profile image

      Partisan Patriot 8 years ago


      They can't handle anyone disagreeing with them. How dare we mere pesants challenge the views of our Governing Monarchy!

      Thanks for visiting; hope to see you back here again!

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 8 years ago from United States

      I will never understand the jealousy and anger these liberals spew. What congress did is unethical and should be illegal. I wrote an article of how socialism didn't work for the Plymouth Colonist in the early 1600's. My hobby is genealogy so I've read a lot about early history. Anyway, the fact is not every one is willing to do their fair share, get their education and many just want handouts. They hate the rich which tells me they must hate themselves and their lives. So, I say they need to suck it up.

    • profile image

      PARTISAN PATRIOT 8 years ago


      Don’t give up so easily; I’ve battled your fellow liberals far more than this. You people inhabit a world full of lollypops and rainbows where you ride to work; wait I forgot you don’t work the state takes care of you with my money. Anyway you ride around where ever you go on Unicorns and everyone loves everyone else. And finally Osama Bin Laden doesn’t exist in your world.

      I’ll try one more time to MAKE MYSELF PERFECTLY CLEAR; I never inferred Scotland was a Christian Country; I was referring to the founding of this country which was then, is now and ever shall be a Christian Country regardless what Barrack Hussein Obama says!

      It is hopeless to argue the need for a strong military; it is says those that are ignorant of history are doomed to repeat its mistakes. Well my dear friend if you don’t see the need for a strong military given the lessons of WWi, WWII, the Korean War, the Cold War and most recently the Iraqi War then you and your kind are definitely doomed to repeat the mistakes if America is allowed to fall! The only aliens threatening the world at this moment are those that inhabit your particular sect! I will just let the absurdity of your Hiroshima and Nagasaki remark lay there because it does not deserve a response!

      My responses have all been delivered on an intellectual level but it appears you are too immersed in your NAIEVITE’ to grasp them. I do wish you would stick around for future blogs. I have enjoyed verbally sparring with you and as always; I respect you RIGHT TO BE WRONG!

    • profile image

      partisan patriot 8 years ago


      The new definition of illegal is anything the Republicans do; the Democrats are exempt from the term because everyone knows their good intentions over ride their means of obtaining them!

    • SheriSapp profile image

      SheriSapp 8 years ago from West Virginia

      Patriot, I had always been raised and taught that vote buying is ILLEGAL. If Nelson did not sell his vote, please tell me the definition of what selling your vote is.

    • Happyontheinside profile image

      Katrionawrites 8 years ago from Scotland

      I could argue with you to check your history again...Scotland was not based on Christianity that's just silly. I could also argue about why we actually need a military strong enough to 'defend the world' - have we been threatened by aliens or something? As far as the war is concerned get over it mate...It was last century already...You obviously believe that dropping bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was justified. That's just sick.

      I started this conversation in a quest for information but you seem to be a little too biased to answer me on an intelectual level. Your replies have degraded into nothing but personal attacks...I am no longer taking part in this conversation and will take my quest for knowledge to someone slightly less closed minded.

      Thanks for trying.



    • profile image

      partisan patriot 8 years ago

      Happy, Happy, Happy

      Like all good Liberals you totally miss the essence of the entire argument. I was not implying that Barrack Hussein Obama was the founder of Communism. I was comparing what he and his current bunch of thugs are doing to this country to what Karl Marx (THE FOUNDER OF COMMUNISM) and his group did in Russia in the early 1900’s.

      But on another point Hussein may have been around back then because we don’t know when he was born and in Particular WHERE HE WAS BORN! But that’s another argument for another day

      I believe the Country you live in is called Venus, or Nirvana or some other Utopia that exist only in your mind. The democracy you claim to support was founded on Individual Freedom, PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and a Belief in a Christian God. That country grew to become the world’s greatest Shining City on the Hill that attracted citizens from all over the world seeking a better life. And my liberal friend, it became such a place because of CAPITALISM. No one is being denied health care here that is willing to WORK for it. Ooops, there’s that dirty 4 letter word…..WORK!

      Now I understand you warped understanding of this country; you live in Scotland! Let me ask you to check something here. Compare the number of immigrants arriving into Scotland each year to the number clamoring to get into this country. I know this evil country has many more people than your Scottish Utopia so a per capita comparison would be needed. Also if you’re intellectually honest you would acknowledge health care is more readily accessible for the citizens of this country than the citizens of yours. And finally my good Scottish Friend NOTHING IS FREE. Healthcare is given at the expense of something else and it is given on a limited basis. I believe the word for it is rationed

      Your exploitation argument is typical LIBERAL JIBERISH! I guess we exploited France and England, during WW II when we saved them from Germany, Italy and Japan; we also exploited the people of East Germany, Hungry, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, the Ukraine and the rest of Eastern Europe when Regan saved them from Communism; and most recently we saved millions in Iraq from that other Hussein! But you’re correct we did it all for imperialistic reasons! Perhaps you prefer Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro style government for poor underdeveloped countries instead of American Capitalism! And finally on this point yes my friend, I have actually thought about what it (capitalism) is doing to the world, saving it and advancing the lives of the citizens within the countries we save.

      Finally, capitalism is not falling. We will rise up and throw off the mantle of this present bunch of Marxist attempting to take over our country. They like you have underestimated the American Spirit and our love of Freedom upon which this country was founded. And yes we will continue to lead once the mantle of Socialism has once again been shed. You must have been really affected by John Lennon’s “Imagine” because the world you dream of exist only in his lyrics. Unfortunately there is evil and it’s not Capitalism. It’s far more insidious and up to this point Capitalism has kept the world safe from it. I only hope there are not enough idealist like yourself that one day are able to dismantle the only system in the world able to provide a military strong enough to defend the world; CAPITALISM!

      As far as time running out; I don’t think so. Check the Tea Party Movement going on in my country today. WE THE PEOPLE WILL NEVER SUCUMB TO MARXISM!

      I will give you two things I admire about Scotland, Scotch Whiskey and William Wallace!

    • Happyontheinside profile image

      Katrionawrites 8 years ago from Scotland

      (they founded an entire movement around it. It became known as communism.)

      I hardly think it's believable that President Obama is solely responsible for the communist movement that started before he was born...

      Also, if you take the central theme of Venus project specifically to be that money has been abolished you wouldn't need to pay taxes for someone else to be taken care of. I don't preach communism - my country is a democracy and we have a national health service. Where is the equality in denying someone else medical treatment? Where is the human kindness? Where is the empathy that God teaches? You pay taxes anyway don't you?

      I live in Scotland - where healthcare is and has been free for a long, long time. I couldn't imagine living somewhere where if I got hurt I couldn't just be taken to hospital without any fear of not being treated because I couldn't pay for it. I'm not questioning your right to have an opinion - I simply cannot get my head around why you think it's such a bad idea that more of your countrymen will live.

      How can you deny that the west exploits the poorer countries under the guise of capitalism? You defend it but do you really know what you're defending? Have you actually thought about what it is doing to the world? There are people in Thailand who spend 20 out of 24 hours a day planting rice so that we can buy it at a miserable price and force them to work harder just so they can survive...Exploitation. For what? So we can have nice cushy office jobs and wear designer gear? So that bankers can have the same bonuses they had in 2007 in the middle of a credit crunch that see's everyone else suffering?

      I'm glad capitalism is falling - it's about time. The rich have been running things for far too long. Like you say - you've worked your life away - that's what they want from you. Can you imagine a world where you could survive anyway? Where everyone could = thanks to the progress of technology? I appreciate not everyone has the strength of character to open their minds to the concept - but I think we owe it to ourselves to at least try - don't you?

      And by the way; I have no idea what kool aid is - but I'm pretty sure it has nothing whatsoever to do with politics!

      happy x

    • profile image

      partisan patriot 8 years ago


      You should have quit at I don't know a lot about the politics! Are you familiar with the phrase “to each according to his need; from each according to their ability?” An earlier version of Barrack Hussein Obama is credited with that phrase; in fact they founded an entire movement around it. It became known as Communism. If you know anything at all about history you can’t be a fan of that movement.

      Well my misguided friend, that’s where we’re headed. Healthcare is not an inherent right under the constitution. The Constitution grants us the Right to Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness; not Happiness! I for one have worked all my life for the mere pittance I have managed to save. I resent the fact it now will be taken from me and re-distributed to those that refused (yes the word is refused) to work as hard as me.

      But keep sipping the Kool Aid; it will make the total collapse of this country a lot easier for you to swallow!

    • Happyontheinside profile image

      Katrionawrites 8 years ago from Scotland

      I don't know a lot about the politics involved - but I would have thought a national health service was a good thing? Surely it should be a priority to extend treatment to every one of your countries citizens thereby saving lives and avoiding only those with money being in a position to be treated. Besides that it is my belief that capitalism is what has been driving the west for a long time to exploit the poorer countries - maybe it's not such a bad thing if it changes? Maybe that's what the world needs? If your interested check out the Zeitgeist movement's website - it's a utopia but if we aim high then we're sure to end up with something much better than capitalism. In the meantime sometimes perhaps we have to compromise a little to get what's best for all?

    • profile image

      partisan patriot 8 years ago


      You never undo social programs. If this passes Capitalism as we know it is dead. Kruchev said we will bury you without firing a shot. Little did we know then, Kruchev was a Democrat!

    • ehern33 profile image

      ehern33 8 years ago

      If the people are not awake yet, maybe this will finally wake them from slumber. I agree 2010 will get ugly and somehow once this goes through, it will be very hard to dismantle. Hopefully we still have some brave souls left that will shine in 2010. Whomever it is, please come out to play now.

    • profile image

      partisan patriot 8 years ago

      All we can do now is pray; pray the city of Washington DC gets buried under so much snow that the Commicrats aren't able to get to the Politburo Monday and vote for this monstrosity.

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 8 years ago

      Dear Patriot,

      The actions of the Dems are despicable and reprehensible. Their only concern is passing something and the public be damned. I am horrified to say the least.

    • profile image

      Partisan Patriot 8 years ago

      Great American

      You are so correct my Patriotic friend. It will indeed be an Unhappy New Year with Cap and Trade, Card Check and who knows what else this bunch of Marxist have in store for us.

    • greatAmerican profile image

      greatAmerican 8 years ago

      Partisan,, You are right on,, These traitors have sold out Americans, they are nothing more than arrogant sob's..

      We are restrained from saying Merry Christmas, now I believe

      we may as well forget "Happy New Year" It just isn't going to happen.. If nothing is going to stop this slide into socialism, the year 2010 will really get ugly..

      Hope and Change,, BS....