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Nepotism Gone Bad

Updated on March 23, 2012

Nepotism Gone Bad

The apple has indeed fallen far from the proverbial tree when it comes to a comparison between Meghan McCain and her father, Senator John McCain. I have watched in embarrassment and horror how the younger McCain is being used by the Liberal outlets to spew platitudes and engage in character assassination of those who do not hold her Conservative-lite take on the issues. Michele Bachmann came under attack to the delight of the MSNBC crowd… with Meghan opining that Bachmann is the poor man’s Governor Sarah Palin. Miss McCain is an apt example of punditry for the sake of punditry. I would be impressed if Meghan would balance her pundit attacks, but so far, her ‘deep musings’ are only for Conservative Republicans because she would not be invited if her attacks were balanced.

Meghan’s criticizing of Congress woman Bachmann is like Don Quixote criticizing Einstein; the lack of intellectual heft is that obvious and palpable, yet she is being taken serious as a pundit. What are Meghan’s claims to punditry… that she is the daughter of a senator? This is a classic case of nepotism gone bad… Meghan neither has the intellectual heft nor the practical experience to criticize the likes of Bachmann. It is rather obvious that Meghan is like some of those Hollywood stars who are now out of the lime light and are secretly wishing that something, even a tragedy, would occur that would place them back into the spot light – even getting some face time at a funeral. I am here to tell Meghan that her father’s run for the Presidency has been over for over two years and criticizing the Palins and the Bachmanns is tantamount to whoring for money and the ultra-left leaning political paparazzi.

Meghan must know that when she is no longer useful to the Liberal outlets, she will be cast aside on the dung heap of turn-coat Republicans like Scot McClellan. These Liberal outlets are even capable of turning on their own – can anyone tell me what ever happened to Cindy Sheehan of Code Pink fame… when she started criticizing the Secular Messiah, President Obama? I am reminded of lyrics from one of Bob Seger’s song… with some poetic license taken by myself: I take no lessons from the trees… sticking my thumb out to see the direction of the prevailing, political breeze…. Learned these lyrics Meghan!


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