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Never Panic

Updated on September 21, 2015

by Rev. Berlie G. Yap

September 21, 2015

A cartoon was left unattended in the vicinity of the West Central Elementary School, San Jose Road yesterday. Some concerned folks called the EOD to confirm the materials. Upon arriving in the place, the operatives were in their uniforms with the signage of their service vehicle, the pupils noticed them and, thus, called or texted their parents, too.

The latter, in anxiety, right away rushed to the school and pick-up their individual children. Such was the scenario in San Jose Road yesterday, while the next thing of the story was it was further spread by other curious texters to more, individuals, friends and acquaintances until the remote response of our authority was erroneously scattered to some public elementary schools were other parents copied the similar panic in San Jose Road.

Anyways, after the EOD personnel checked the alleged left cartoons, they turned to be negative. Yet unknown to them, their simple quick response did already create ripples of false alarms to a number of campuses. See how effective is technology that it actually could mixed-up people in different places at the same time and drastically.

Despite of what had happened last Thursday, of the bomb explosion, the peace and order of Zamboanga City is still relatively in control by the police. In fact, the atrocity last week was only a remote incident because it was only an extortion issue and was not an act of terrorism as to bluff the general public.

The City Hall though encouraged locals to be extra cautious but do not succumb to paralyzing fear. Life will have to continue on in La Bella. Normalcy is still very ON in the City, if you just can feel the crowds everywhere. Besides, if we allow fear to grip our emotions, which will be affected “the worst” shall be our local economy, and such may produce domino effects to all the rest of the aspects of Zamboanga City.

By opinion, Baranggay eMedia would like to encourage the people to entrust the threats to the police and never to believe soon certain text-mongers who do not have the real facts but only invent erroneous stories or simply relay them, for the sake of the unli-messaging they’ve.

Funny it is to see that the people went scared without reasons, where many good things were awaiting the entire day. It was the pupils/children who were at the loss yesterday, because they failed to stay on their classes due to a single false alarm. We ought to be productive every day. In fact we can’t waste a time. Remember, change and development are fast nowadays that if you can’t keep the paces, you will be left behind.

A similar panic also happened few months ago, when some families left their homes from Mampang and Talon-Talon, and they made camps up in the in the hills of Luyahan, because, accordingly, an impending tsunami was to hit Zamboanga City, that allegedly, again, due to some text messages circulating around. Some folks did also climb to Upper Cabatangan, why their? The simple logic they excused was that the place has the enough altitude from the coming waves of the Sulu Sea.

Hilarious or silly was that past situation, if we are to look it back today. Again, partners and friends it is all well! Let us not be moved to some unfounded raw news, often to circulate via text messages, and to cause us fear, or worse panic. By some baseless rumors, people are often robbed of their potentials of the day. We stay calm and continue life without interruptions.

Make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong, but always strive to do what is good for each other and for everyone else.” (1 Thess. 5:15, NIV)

Courtesy of Baranggay eMedia


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