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No Longer Never Trump.

Updated on May 17, 2017

Last year this time I was a fire breathing Never Trumper. The kind who raged every time I saw his face, saw a tweet or read a story about him. I could not believe this loud mouthed buffoon was going to be our Party’s nominee. The feeling around the hallowed halls of establishment land was we are screwed.

I had been called a cuck, been attacked for asking questions of people like Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter who actually have borne the brunt of my anger on this very blog. To me at the time Trump brought out the worst in people. Racism, low rent debate tactics, and this childishness that was appalling.

So, you may all ask what happened. As we watched the summer drag on and turn into autumn, I discovered I was watching a failing candidate and that candidates name was not Trump, but Hillary Clinton. I had planned on voting for Gary Johnson but, as election night grew closer I realized Trump really was the alternative to four more years of leftist oligarchy directed from Washington. I was incensed by how little Hillary Clinton thought of the regular blue collar American. I was appalled at her health issues. I was appalled by things she said. When she tossed me and everyone who didn’t bow down before her magnificence into her basket of “Irredeemable Deplorable’s”, I’d had it. I looked at my Florida ballot and marked Trump/Pence. Guess what? So far he has not disappointed me.

Maybe Never Trumpers wanted her to win because they needed to keep their status quo?
Maybe Never Trumpers wanted her to win because they needed to keep their status quo?

So what now? We have leftists and their entitled GOP enablers like McCain and Graham doing everything they can to hurt his agenda. Despite that he has been able to get things done. Neil Gorsuch in a new Associate Justice to SCOTUS, jobs are coming back, and the US is back to being respected in the world. We are no longer leading from behind. Now one would think people at Red State, and elsewhere would be thrilled but the hate Never Trumpers have for him and the regular folk is strong. I don’t get it.

So lately I have been attacked by my former friends on the right because I chose to defend the President. I have been told that fake news is real because dammit they want it to be so they can have another reason to hate Trump. I have been told that the strange murder of Seth Rich, the young man who likely leaked the 40 thousand emails to Wikileaks is a nothing burger and that we are all insane to ask questions about it or raise it as a concern. Never mind the obviousness that when the story was dropped these latest fake news allegations of intel leaks to Russia and a nonexistent Comey memo saying Trump is a meanie were dropped in order to divert attention away from the DNC Staffers murder investigation. Why? Because they hate Trump and they are myopic in their views and if you intelligently bring up facts they form a narrative about you that is false. Don’t dare to disagree with the Red State editors or Erick Erickson or others you puny blue collar heathens. Faux intellectuals shine as brightly on the right as on the left. They don’t want to explain themselves to people who are beneath them either. Just like the Democrats.

Seth Rich, whose murder is something we little people shouldn't concern ourselves with. Right, Derek Hunter?
Seth Rich, whose murder is something we little people shouldn't concern ourselves with. Right, Derek Hunter?

It is funny how people on the right who hate Trump always say they have what is best for the US in mind and yet they are basically behaving like the moderate wing of the DNC. It’s truly disgusting. They distort and lie as much as Chuck Schumer or Nana Pelosi ever did. They treat regular folk like we are nonexistent and our opinions as uneducated garbage. When Bill Kristol himself tweets about how he wants Trumpism to die he isn’t talking about Trump but he is addressing the aspirations of every tax paying man and woman who have seen their opportunities dry up in the last 25 years. He is the epitome of the DC elite. That branch of conservative that is tolerated by their Democrat puppet masters. These are people who have failed time and time again to get a President elected and when they do the man ends up governing like a moderate democrat not like a conservative Republican. Their candidates had promised much and delivered nada. We elected a former CEO, a business man who expects results and gets results and their little establishment enclave is shaken to its core.

Or, these Never Trumpers treat people who have crossed the line and started supporting Trump as badly as they feel Trump supporters treated them during the primary season. Word to you arrogant political hacks out there. You have become them. Nice job.

Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth but it seems after watching him for a few months that he connects with the regular folk who are the real America out there beyond the DC cesspool. DC is not the real America. It is a bastion of corruption, collusion and sociopaths. Trump understands that. He understands the average American. Yet, these Never Trumpers they say they do but they don’t and don’t want to. These professional yammerers and pundits who side with McCain and Graham really do think they are better than a truck driver, a beat cop, a marine, a beautician, a commercial fisherman. They do nothing but talk and yet we who live and work in the real world are supposed to be amazed by their sheer awesomeness? No. Sorry but I have more things to do than to be concerned with the condescending bull coming from some fat, cigar smoking, functioning alcoholic whose biggest claim to fame is he runs a so called Conservative News site.

So yeah I unapologetically voted for Donald J Trump and I am proud of my vote. It is the first time in decades a sitting President has actually stopped and listened to the people instead of the Burp Way elites. This whole thing from watching the GOP elites try to straddle the line between outright hostility towards the President and helping him has shown me a lot. It’s time for the GOP establishment to disappear. They have done nothing but carry Democrat water for decades. It’s time for the entire DC establishment to go. It’s time for the conservative pundit class to decide whose side are they on, the country’s side or the Party’s side. I am strictly on the side of my country and her people. We spoke pretty damned loudly and we have scared the heck out of all of them. We even scared people we thought were on our side. We got them what they said they wanted and realized they merely wanted the status quo.

The biggest thing this whole circus has shown me is that when being part of the establishment is a goal and these shallow, fraudulent people will do anything to win some sort of position in that establishment. I see a lot of these people sitting around dreaming of cigars at some exclusive club in DC talking over problems with other entitled elites like they matter to the world. These people have formed a glorified self-centered vision of themselves where Senators and Congressmen show respect and bow before them and a dream that they may even have the ear of a SCOTUS justice or even a President. That’s who many of these Never Trumpers think they are. It’s not the rest of us though. But we never forgot who we are or where we came from like they did. It is too bad that honest hard working Americans get treated like pawns and fodder for the mere entertainment of these replicant's but then that is how it’s been for decades and they sure don’t want to let go. The hangers on are worse to.

In the end I owe and apology to President Trump. I am sorry I doubted you, sir. I have your back now. To Sean Hannity, you were right, I was wrong. To Ann Coulter, I apologize to you to. We are on the same team and that is the side of the USA. Not Washington DC.


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    • profile image

      Cate Zaids 8 months ago

      WELL said!!!

    • profile image

      Pat 8 months ago

      After reading your post,I hope others read,and take time to pray,as much is needed at this time. We all have faults,and none perfect,but a human being has feelings,and can see and feel the evils swimming around

    • abwilliams profile image

      A B Williams 8 months ago from Central Florida

      I concur. Great article Stephanie.

      I've often wondered if NeverTrumpers could or would come around and focus on this great Country and getting it back on track instead.

      Yes...Yes they can!

      So true Clare, this President needs our prayer, as does our Country. We've grown so far apart!

    • profile image

      Clare Dinnocenti 8 months ago

      Outstanding Stephanie. I think we have to pray for Trump. He has a lot of hateful demons coming for him.