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"Never Waste a Crisis"

Updated on February 9, 2011

"A Sad Poem but True"

This is a poem written about the Liberal attack directed at conservative talk show host and cable news host just two hours after the assassination attempt on Gabby Gifford.

Our two party country is split;

divided by it's leaders to their

shame, never to be one again.

Liberals are quick to blame.

They started this to their shame.

The Right was shocked at the attack.

Conservative talk show host; accused

of stirring the pot.

According to Liberals,

Conservative are to blame.

They spew it from right to left, yes more

hate speech that's why the deluded came out.

He came to kill and maim in their name.

Prodded by the same cable host, and

talk show kings.

No rhyme or reason, just get even.

Kill them, kill them all!

This time Liberals were wrong.

No tie was found to politics, that's right.

The crazy shooter wasn't political at all.

So who's crazier, the shooter or the Left?

Quick to make their case against the Right

blame came; it came from left to right.

We can't let a crisis slip by, it must be used.

Quickly we accused, we had no time to waste.

Now we have egg on our face.


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