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Pakistan Govt. Hajj Policy Scheme 2011 - Green and While Hajj Policy details.

Updated on November 25, 2011

Hajj 2011 Pakistan You can check your status of application

Government of Pakistan has announced the successful applicants for Hajj 2011. You can check your status at the following link by mentioning your application number or computerized national identity card No. in the relevant box:-

Letters to the successful applicants have also been issued. This year there is no balloting for Hajj 2011 for Pakistani Hajjis. One can hope that this year the arrangements for Pakistani Hajjis will be better.

New Hajj Policy for 2011 Announced

Regarding New Hajj Policy, 2011 the latest news is that the Banks have stopped receiving applications for the Hajj under Government Quota. Obviously, the target of receiving the maximum application under Government Hajj Scheme is complete as under the new hajj policy, 2011 it was to be decided on first come first serve basis.

The Cabinet of Federal Government, headed by Prime Minister, Yousaf Raza Gillani, has approved the new Hajj policy for 2011. It is vowed that this year the Hajjis will be able to perform flawless Hajj without any trouble. Salient features of the new Hajj Policy 2011 are as under:-

1. The applications for Hajj will be received from 15th of April, 2011. There is no deadline for submitting the applications for new hajj policy 2011 as the applications will be entertained on the first come first served basis. The applications could be submitted through designated bank branches.

2. Under the new Hajj policy 2011 the government has introduced two different accommodation categories for its pilgrims – “Green” and “White” – based on the rent/distance from the Haram Sharif.

Hajjis who opt Green category would pay Rs210,047 (for pilgrims belonging to Karachi, Quetta and Sukkur) or Rs222,047 (for those hailing from the rest of the country). Under this category accommodation will be within 2,000 metres of the Haram Sharif.

Pilgrims opting for the White category from Karachi, Quetta and Sukkur would pay Rs200,847 – while those from the rest of Pakistan would pay Rs212,847.

The distance of the accommodation provided under this category will be over 2,000 metres, but will be provided transport facilities.

It is worth mentioning that in 2005 the cost of Hajj was less than one lac rupees. There are also reports that it is Saudi Government which has provided concession in Hajj expenses to Pakistanis to compensate them.

3. The hike in Hajj expenses shows that the government is making lot of money. Similarly, the Pakistan International Airline also used to make millions of rupees through its Hajj and Umrah flights but does not provide any facilities to them.

4. There will be no balloting for new hajj policy 2011. The applications will be entertain on first come first serve basis.

5. Total number of Pakistanis who will be able to perform hajj through new hajj policy 2011, both under government and private scheme is 179,256. Quota is enhanced on the basis of United Nations population report.

6. It is vowed that there will be no free hajj from the Government to any one whatsoever.

7. The Religious Affairs Ministry of Pakistan will have the quota of 13,500 pilgrims under new hajj policy 2011. Every prospective Hajji will be allowed to carry 1000 Saudi Rayal with him.

8. Those who have already performed Hajj during the last five years, will not be eligible for Hajj under new hajj policy 2011.


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