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New Time for Serbia?

Updated on November 9, 2012

Historical Meetings

New Government making good moves

New Government of Serbia is making quite good moves. Fight against serious organized crime, fight against people that "own almost half a country if not all" was finally initiated. The owner of "DELTA HOLDING" - Mr. Miskovic on Top 500, 400th placed by his richness was finally "touch" by the hand of the law. Also, some new laws about National Bank were adopted, that were criticized from both sides, the EU side and the opposition made of Liberal Democratic Party and Democrats - or Democratic Party who's now in deep problems.

The fact that Serbian Dinar, after huge "down" has gone "up" to ~113,00 Republic Serbia Dinars (RSD) for one euro, is something that is indeed encouraging. The fact that New Government, made of peoples from the "Milosevic's regime" are making good moves based on the "lesson from the past" are quite unexpected.

For instance, current prime minister Mr. Dacic met Hashim Ta├ži in Brussels in the first round of the negotiations with Pristine about Kosovo*. High representative of EU, Katrine Ashton in visit with Hillary Clinton in Belgrade, during their "Balkan tour", said that: "Recognition of Kosovo's independence is NOT a demand, or requirement for the EU membership. Serbia has a EU future, and I'm pleased to hear and see that the new Government is fully commuted toward fulfilling all necessarily requirements and adopting EU standards."

Reduced unemployment, IMF satified with budget for 2013

What's bothering the most Republic of Serbia, is the incredible rate of unemployment. It's estimated that every second man from the population <25 years is unemployed.- Serbia, by that gathered data, is a country where every second individual from the age between 18 and 25 is unemployed! So, the question remains, how to employ the youth? How to reduce the rate of unemployed people?

- The good news is that unemployment, in last three months - in Serbia - was reduced by 0.4% which is a good sign. Serbia has a huge unused potential, but some major investments are still coming - which is a good sign too. It means, even though many predicted different, the new Government made of Socialist and "Advanceds" is making secure steps in a right way. Their promise, in the pre-electional period, that they will bring Serbia closer to the EU and that the new Government will be more radical when it comes to organized crime, and corruption in public administration has shown in just more than 3 months after Parliament was made its "majority".

- Everything now, seems like Serbia will gain the "date for assessment negotiations" maybe even in December, if the "integrated border control" agreement get fully implemented on field.

- The new law of NBS, was hugely criticized by opposition and the EU representatives. The "neutral" status of this very important institution is got into question. But, the new Governor of NBS (National Bank of Serbia) has "frozen" her position and "party affinity" - during her work in NBS. This means, that she can not be part of any political party, not even in her own (Serbian Advanced Party). The IMF criticized this law, and left Serbia for some time. IMF came back, again just today, 9.XI 2012, and said: "We are satisfied with the budget for the next year, made by Minister of Finance Mr. Dinkic. We will continue to support this Government, as they showed full responsibility to the institution like Serbian National Bank - which remained fully neutral - even though many criticized the new law about NBS."

- On the question, will IMF (International Monetary Fond) continue to cooperate with the new Government in the next years, and in general, in upcoming years - the answer was positive, "as they saw an huge effort to maintain the inflation rate, and good course of national currency.".


New Government faster to the EU than others?

Will this Government, on head with Mr.Dacic as premiere and Mr. Nikolic as president get the EU "membership" status faster?

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