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New York Schools vs Teen Pregnancy

Updated on October 5, 2012

Is Plan B the way it should be?

Is one step ahead a good thing?
Is one step ahead a good thing?
Teen Pregnancy is their answer to the problem?
Teen Pregnancy is their answer to the problem?

Should student be given birth control in public schools? The yes and the no reason.

BY: Anastasia Vaughan

Recently in the news New York City public schools have come under fire for experimenting with the idea of giving students whose parents consent to sexual education course free contraception which goes beyond your standard condom.The pill in question that is causing a nationwide backlash is the "morning after" pill which helps kill cells attempting to form life within a woman's body.Though students who are under the age of 17 still need consent from parents to receive these free drugs some say that this isn't enough security for them on the issue. According to a news report done by Public Radio International over 1,000 students have been served since the pilot program went into affect. The belief is that connecting high schools students to contraception early will host a great deal of benefits in the future. The question remains; Is giving away free contraception at a vulnerable age the right way to teach students the benefits of using protection?

Yes:Though many naysayers may assume that not discussing the idea of protection is a good idea not speaking out about an issue does not mean that problem will cease to exist. With only 40 % of teen mothers each year finishing high school after having to endure teen pregnancy one can easily argue that the plan B is a step in the right direction. With less girls and guys dropping out of school at a earlier age our nation will gain much more productive educated members of society. Most adults can look back on their teenage years and find at least one mistake that they made that had they not had a source outside their family guide them they would have messed up great opportunities in their lives. Sex is a very real reality in the world we live in today. Not every teen has the ability to resit temptation and peer pressure to refrain from experimenting. When looking at the issue with an open mind it is important to remember that very few teens who engage in sexual activity do it with the intention of trying to get pregnant as most of them live in constant fear of the consequences. Pregnancy is a very real thing that often at times just happens wither it be for lack of preparing or feeling that since they are engaging in activities beyond their years that they have nowhere to turn or no one to talk to. If parents were great at having the sex and puberty conversations with their young adults a lot of the nations teen pregnancy problems could be solved with communication alone. Seeing how communication is a huge issue it may be best for parents and outsiders alike to get use to the idea that someone has to have a hand in translating the vision of how much contraception such as the morning after pill and condoms ad in keeping together a healthy lifestyle of a very fast pace moving sexualized generation. Sex in today's world is everywhere and used to sell just about everything under the sun which means for the hormonal and impressionable the idea of engaging in it is inescapable.

NO: The massives are angry when it comes to the theory and the actuality of a public school giving away the "morning after pill" which fro some can easily be seen as contraception on a whole new level. Does giving out the pill send a new ideal negative message about sex,conversation, and condom usage? Yes, is what many would argue on behalf of the idea that when the public school gives away the pill though to may protect students from pregnancy teenage boys may use this ideal as a window of opportunity to convince teenage girls that condom use is entirely unnecessary seeing how they can find other forms of protecting her from pregnancy.In in world where a new STD seems to pop up yearly and HIV/AIDS is rapid the pill may be sending the wrong belief system to young girls. Aside from the idea of Christianity and religion America has always been concerned about the moral beliefs that it is embodying by imposing laws and rules as far as our school and government systems are concerned.

For more information on what is happening in the New York City Plan B pilot program which now has 14 high schools participating in this said to be experimental program feel free to Google "New York City Plan B program."


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