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New York Muslims Use Murder to Condemn Christianity and Donald Trump

Updated on August 15, 2016
Sketch of the alleged murderer of Muslim Imam and associate in Queens. If you recognize this person contact NYPD.
Sketch of the alleged murderer of Muslim Imam and associate in Queens. If you recognize this person contact NYPD.

New York Imam and Associate Murdered in Queens

On Saturday a New York Islamic Imam and his associate were shot not far away from their Mosque in Queens. Police have currently one man detained for questioning but they aren't charging anybody with murder. The police have mentioned that it seems the murderer knew the Imams schedule given the behavior of the man who shot them.

But before the bodies even turned cold, Muslims in the area were quick to blame Christian terrorism and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Some witnesses said that the killer had a "medium complexion" and had a beard. There's nothing about this right now that shows the killer was pushing any kind of ideology or religion which is the purpose of terrorism. Everything about this currently seems to be a straight forward murder of innocent people that happened to be Muslim. But the murder does seem personal as the Imam was carrying $1000 of cash and the money wasn't even stolen, granted it was still daylight. Given the information that's currently presented one would imagine that it could be someone within the Imams own congregation.

But there's something else that's fishy about this. The Muslim community was very quick to play themselves as the victim of terrorism. Which of course, is baseless right now. Its important to remember they want to demonize Christianity, Atheism and Judaism every chance they get. Its part of the Sharia doctrine to place aggression on all those who are "infidels" so that their religion can be dominant. So for the community to spin this into their own narrative wouldn't be far-fetched.

Despite that moderates largely don't follow all of Sharia doctrine, Sharia doctrine is still the standard self-proclaiming Muslims are measured against. So even the moderates, who I sympathize with, have to go along with the rhetoric otherwise they will labeled as apostates. And if you're a Muslim who's labeled an apostate, you're putting your life on the line.

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