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New York's Police Commissioner Kelly Should Not Resign Nor Apologize To Muslims.

Updated on February 21, 2012

New York’s Police Commissioner Kelly Owes No Apology To The Muslims Nor Should He Resign…

The deluge of trouble is pouring down on New York’s Police Commissioner, Raymond Kelly; for one, his son, who is a local anchor on Channel-Five-News, is being investigated for alleged sexual assault… and now there are some New York Muslims who are asking for the Commissioner’s resignation for showing to his officers taking part in terrorist training tapes with Muslims converts in training for jihad against the West. These New York Muslims are vex because they claim some lack of sensitivity or some nonsense on the part of Commissioner Kelly for allowing the Jihadist terrorist tapes to be shown over and over again to the officers… during their counter terrorist training.

Here we go again… whereby the hydra-like Political Correctness, vis-à-vis this critical issue of combating terror, is in the forefront of possibly causing us many lives. Anyone with a computer and even a Luddite can go on the Internet and see legions of tapes made by Jihadist enticing and demonstrating how to carry out their cowardly terroristic acts. Someone cogently explain to me who or what Commissioner Kelly should have used in the tapes? I supposed that when there is terrorist act… that those fluent in Political Correctness would have us ignore the pus like conspicuous wart, but instead waste time and have us laboriously investigate the almost, invisible pimple.

I am almost certain when the Feds were looking to put a dent into the Mob in its heyday, the Bureau did not used Muslims in its training tapes or when we had the gang epidemic, with the attendant drive-bys in the late eighties to the mid-nineties, it did not used Whites in its training tapes; nor the Bureau used Blacks in its training tapes in the Sixties when the KKK was rampantly killing Blacks and other minorities. We are living in an America where common sense is locked away and replaced with the “touchy feely” Political Correctness that will undoubtedly contribute to much lives being lost. Now for all the terrorist acts that have been thwarted right here in New York under the leadership of Commissioner Kelly, he is still being asked to resign. Even our Mayor Bloomberg is chiming in… saying that it was ‘bad judgment’ for the tapes; he is essentially throwing his Police Commissioner under the proverbial bus – we can only hope that our Mayor would be given the same passionate defense by these terrorists, especially in light of his last name.

I suspect this specious call for Commissioner’s Kelly resignation will amount to nothing, but in New York where Political Correctness has one of its flagships, one could never tell... it was Political Correctness that caused over a dozen soldiers’ deaths down at Fort Hood, lest we should forget. No one is saying that all Muslims are terrorists and, yes, we all remember Timothy McVeigh that he was indeed White - but must we engage in willful blindness, ignoring the stats, and waste time in answering the rhetorical question about whom is responsible for almost 100% of the terrorist acts, especially, right here in New York.

In the coming days, there is gong to be gang violence between the Crips and the Bloods, would it be prudent for the detectives to start their investigation first among the Whites; if I were to unmask someone at a KKK rally, I do not expect to see someone with my hue; and if I were seeking who are the Made Men in the Mob, I also do not expect to discover Blacks reaching that pinnacle in Murder Incorporated; and were I to be made privy to the members of the violent racist Skin Heads, I expect to see the members with White hues. I dare say that in the future when you hear of a terrorist act… be honest and tell me where will your respective minds go first - notwithstanding McVeigh’s bombing in Oklahoma - it may not be right, but it is reality….


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    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 6 years ago from New York

      did i say i know everything? I said there are those who are practicing in many areas of the law who would have given me some clue about my con-rights being taken waya. if you really believe we do not have terrorism problem... i am wastingmy time. And if my speaking the truth is cronyism, so be it.

    • Moderndayslave profile image

      Moderndayslave 6 years ago

      Oh your an Attorney so you must know everything.I have to say that I was not impressed by you cronyism system you have there.You MUST hire an Attorney or you will hang,so much for representing yourself. The Patriot Act is doing what for who? NDAA is doing what? It's so good for us we'll slip it into an appropriations bill.Playing on the fear of terrorism.

      You are supposed to be intelligent.

    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 6 years ago from New York

      Who has the tapes on the web and like about how to perform Jihad... if everyone thought that all MUslims were terrorists how come there is such a great relatiuonship here in New York, as it should be. I will always look at the stats and no political correctness is going to prevent me from writing what is the objective truth... "people should fear the government stealing your right - now who his fearmongering - I am certain that if there are rights that are being attacked/curtailed... it is those of Traditional Christians. As an attorney, I am sure that I would have glean that my Constitutional Rights were being stolen or my friends and colleagues who are practicing lawyers would have given me a heads up. Thanks for the Debate...

    • Moderndayslave profile image

      Moderndayslave 6 years ago

      Everything is now labeled Terrorism. This is the broadest brush there is and it's 100% fearmongering nothing more.People should be more worried about the government stealing your freedom than muslims killing you. Are you scared? Do you live your life in fear?

    • Josak profile image

      Josak 6 years ago from variable

      Who is helped by portraying the terrorists as Turban wearing in the video? are you suggesting that officers if made to watcha video where the men were white would then not be able to do the same things when presented with a muslim terrorist? thats ridicolous, there is no reason to target a specific group for labelling for the sake of fairness but more importantly when you do yoju often make the police less effective, when we have our next Timothy or our next Una bomber everyone will be looking for a muslim. So reviewing the facts, 1 as you so well put it when there is a terrorist act everyon thinks of muslims anyway, if you reinforce that then law enforcement will miss the real culprit if he is not a muslim. 2 It makes no difference how the people are portryed in the filmpolice will be able to adapt what is done to white people or whatever to muslims if necessary 3 when you constantly profile muslims like this you turn people against them subconsiously (if you see them being arrested etc all the time) it will start sinking in and will probably lead to police harasment of the muslim community. So my conclusion based on the facts is Kelly should apologise and get on with it, no resignation necessary, dont do it again.