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New recycling law fails to bag a bargain

Updated on January 19, 2016

Basket for life?

Time for another change

My last shopping trip was particularly unexceptional, enter the store, gather up a selection of products and pay for them. Return to the car and make it about 80% of the way before one of the carrier bags catastrophically falls to pieces spilling its contents across the car park like a miniature air drop relief package.

I don't mind paying for my bags, I love the idea that this money goes to good causes. But surely if I'm paying for these things surely they have to be built to a high enough standard that they are guaranteed to survive their first use? The standard carrier bag has become so thin in recent years they no longer build stores with steps leading up to them, but rather sluice ramps leading back out!

But let's be honest, before the bag charge came in how many of us used to store our used bags and reuse them? Probably not at the supermarket but I'm betting we all did for a while variety of tasks.

If they really want to have an impact on the environment they could perhaps do something about the fact that every single thing you buy, regardless of how unlikely you are to ever need to return it, you have a piece of paper forced into your hands. How many trees died to make all the receipts I just chucked in the bin outside the entrance?

It's te 21st century now, isn't there some way they could email receipts to us instead? They already have the email addresses of all their loyalty card holders. When you scan your loyalty card your receipt gets emailed out instead perhaps? Now that really would make a difference!


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