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News about the Illness of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh

Updated on December 28, 2017
The Royal Couple
The Royal Couple

Duke of Edinburgh

Prince Philip is the husband of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. The queen who ascended the throne in 1952 has completed 60 years of rule. All these years Prince Philip has been at the side of the queen. After he married Queen Elizabeth II, he was invested with the title of the Duke of Edinburgh.


The queen and the prince married in 1947 and have had a happy marriage. The Prince and the Queen have been married for 56 years. The couple have four children. The eldest is Prince Charles, who is also the Prince of Wales and heir apparent. The marriage has survived with hardly any major scandal, which is cause for appreciation.

Admission to Hospital

On 5 June 2013 Prince Philip attended the diamond jubilee celebration of the Queens rule. Being a determined man he braved the weather to stand next to the Queen on the Royal Barge witnessing the pageant in wet and cold conditions.

This had a deleterious effect on the Prince who perhaps had very little chance to go to the toilet. This probably aggravated the bladder infection. As per Dr. Chinegwundoh from Barts Health NHS Trust in London, Prince Philip’s infection had something to do with his prostate gland. Considering that he was given immediate medical attention, the chance that he will recover is pretty bright. The Prince turned 92 on 10 June 2013 and for men of his age, a prostate infection is quite routine. The Prince’s birthday was marked by gun salutes by the Royal Artillery.

The Medical Problem

In the case of Prince Philip, he has been having a recurrent prostrate infection since 2008. The Prince was taken to the hospital. The Queen visited him in the hospital and commented that the Prince was comfortable and in good spirits. The Duke had an exploratory operation of the abdomen and was expected to spend another week at the London clinic.

Prince Philip was visited in hospital by all members of the Royal family. He was visited by his son Prince Charles and his grandsons Prince Williams and Harry. Camilla accompanied Prince Charles and spent over 35 minutes with the Duke of Edinburgh.


After the exploratory operation doctors have said that it will take some time to analyse the results. He has however been advised to spend at least two months in convalescence. The Prince will thus miss important functions. In his absence, The Queen will be accompanied by the Dukes cousin and aide de camp, the Duke of Kent. He will stand in for Prince Philip at the trooping of colors, which marks the official birthday parade by the British armed forces. The Queen will be 87 and for everybody, it will be a gala occasion.

The Prince is likely to be out of action for four months from public functions, as after his 2 months period of convalescence, the Royal family will have their annual recess at Balmoral Castle. The Prince may thus appear in the limelight only sometime during autumn. This is subject to his total recovery.

Last Word

Prince Philip is the longest living male member of the British Royal family. The longest-lived male descendant of Queen Victoria is Count Carl Johan Bernadotte who lived until the age of 95. Prince Philip will surpass this milestone in 2016.The Prince is out of the hospital and all of us should wish him a long life.


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