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News&Views April 2010 Terror Turmoil-I

Updated on September 25, 2010

News&views April 2010

April 2, 2010

Terror turmoil-I

In Pakistan, a man without his AK 47 is like a woman without her child-says a former Pakistani foreign minister and former speaker of Pakistani Assembly.

Exact statement of Mr. Gohar Ayub Khan is " Pakistani man without an AK 47 is like taking away child from a woman"

He was speaking during a discussion on Headlines Today, an Indian TV channel. The discussion was about the headquarters of terror-cum charity organization Jamaat Ud Dawa at Muridke about 30 kilometers from Lahore (Lahore is one of the largest cities in Pakistan with more than 10 million people living there). See short tv movies link below- Movies and discussions are in English.

JUD - involved in Mumbai Blast
Muridke, headquarters of Jamaat is famous as the place where terrorist who attacked Mumbai were trained. After the terror attacks in Mumbai, Jammat Ud Dawa was declared a terrorist organization by United Nations.

Brave reporter Ms. Baweja
One of the Indian reporters, Ms. Harjeet Baweja Of Headlines Today, could enter these headquarters and make these short tv-movies of activities going on there. I admire the courage of Harjeet and some other young girls who work as TV anchors and take trips to such dangerous places. Generally I think even Pakistani women may not want to venture out at such headquarters of terrorist organizations.

Terror Procession by JUD
Terror Procession by JUD
Children used in terror Procession by JUD
Children used in terror Procession by JUD
Terror Procession by JUD
Terror Procession by JUD

The Headquarters of this organization looks to be a real contrast. You see in one shot 100's people running with AK 47 guns, In the second shot children, who look really getting trained for terrorist type activities and in the third one a little grown up- school going children playing with a computer, are seen. The camera then moves to a hospital in the compound, very modern one with all gadgets, operation theater, medicines, injections lying on tables and about 200 beds. A comparatively luxurious one.

Modern Hospital with 200 beds, operation theater but no patients, no doctors
Seeing it one may start feeling -may be there is at least some charity activity in the organization as Pakistani government officials claim. But then you also wonder why so many AK 47 holding tough guys are there. Then suddenly you hear voice of reporter Ms. Baweja. She says, "do you notice there are no patients, no doctors in the whole hospital!"

Banned by government but city administrator says they can not stop its activities
After the UN ban, Pakistani government had declared that it has banned the Jammat and government has freezed all its assets and taken over the whole organization. But it looks like these declarations have no meaning.

International Terrorist declared by UN and USA but roaming freely with AK 47
The chief of the organization Hafiz Saeed. He is considered to be the mastermind behind 26/11 terror attacks on hotels and metro stations in Mumbai, which killed around 166 people, from India, USA, UK, Australia etc. I remember, I had met a guy from USA and his daughter in a party in Mumbai one day and talked with them for some time and next day I saw on TV their picture, among those killed in this attack.

Hafeez Saeed has been declared by UN and USA an International terrorist but is roaming freely in this place and running this organization, which looks to be basically a terrorist training place with a cover up by phoney charity hospital, School etc.

In one shot administrator of the city is shown to be saying, "The organization is banned but you can not say we have taken no action. We can not obviously close it down completely."

Procession of 10,000 people carrying AK 47
In another shot Hafeez Saeed is shown to be leading a procession of more than 10,000 people, almost all carrying AK 47 and shouting loudly, "One Mumbai attack is not enough. Let us have jehad. We will have to do at least 1000 Mumbai type attacks."

1.7 million AK 47 in Pakistan illegally owned- one illegal AK 47 for every 100 people
The former speaker of parliament of Pakistan, Mr. Gohar was reacting to these shots. He claimed that there are more than 1.7 million illegal AK 47 In Pakistan. That makes one AK 47 for every hundred people that too illegal?
He was saying that Pakistan is armed to teeth with illegal weapons. Thus he was practically implying that there is nothing unusual in such processions with 10000 people with AK 47 and issuing threats of 1000 terrorist attacks.

He acted indeed funny in the show. Initially he tried to defend these scenes etc. by such funny arguments. Like one of his argument was that this organization is a charity organization. It had reached at earthquake place before government and almost implied that hence it should be allowed to carry out its violent training etc. Another of his argument was it has nothing to hide, otherwise why will it allow a reporter from India.

"We may be running terror training camps for terror attacks on you but let us be friends"
But after some discussion, when it became clear that movie makes it pretty clear that the place is terrorist training type place and Pakistani establishment seems to be quite involved in this terror training camp as well as in providing it a cover up, he started arguing "why should Indian channels show such scenes and discussions. Let us be friends. People of India and Pakistan are the same. They love each other. Let us be friends."

What type of society Pakistani top rulers have in mind for their country
When you see that their former speaker of parliament, former minister for foreign affairs implies that there is nothing wrong with a procession of 10,000 people with most carrying AK 47's and shouting that they will do 1000's of terror attacks, killing people from all over world, specially from India, you start wondering what are these rulers planning about their own country?

Corruption and Duplicity- smugglers and criminals provide security to USA army supplying convoys
Former president of Pakistan Musharraf did all sort of double games during his rule in Pakistan. Now it is practically accepted by every one in world that he duped both USA and Taliban or Al-Qaeda. Currently in Pakistan some administrators and journalists are trying to assess amount of contracts (most of the money came from USA), Musharraf managed to give to his relatives and friends in army and government organizations. According to them it seems to run into at least a billion dollars.

USA army in Afghanistan gets practically all its supplies via Pakistan. The goods are offloaded at Karachi port and then carried in conveys of trucks to Afghanistan. There are reports, which say that companies which provide these trucks are owned by some of the top government officials, even presidents or their relatives, friends etc. The security for these are provided by the same smugglers or terrorist against whom USA army is supposed to fight. Some reports say, Dawood Ibrahim, who has been declared international terrorist, smuggler and is perhaps also an agent of Pakistani spy agency ISI, is involved in providing such security to USA army supply convoys. He has been involved in several terrorist blasts in India.

Terror-cum smuggling machinery of Dawood Ibrahim, spread over India, Mid-East, South East Asia, USA, UK is reported to have turn over in several 100's of million dollars.

People who go for terror training in Pakistan do not have entry stamps of Pakistan on their passports
Terrorists from many countries including India, USA, UK, Western Europe, Russia, China, Central Asia have been found to have had their terror training in Pakistan. Such terrorists often go to Pakistan via Middle East. Many of these terrorists did not have on their passports entry stamps of Pakistan, or any other record of their trips to Pakistan, even though they admitted that they were in Pakistan.

Terror Machinery is considered strategic depth for Pakistan, which will help them in creating equality with India, manipulating government in Afghanistan and bargaining with USA money and creation of international status
It seems pretty clear that Pakistan is currently being ruled by army top bosses and some feudal lords. Also most of these top guys do support creating and maintaining terror machinery in Pakistan and their hubs in other countries. The terror machinery is supposed to be strategic depth for Pakistan in their defense and foreign policy goals. Their claim seems to be that India is too large but Pakistan has to be equal to India and only way to equalize is to have a terror machinery. It does not end of course with India. Talibans are needed for strategic depth in Afghanistan, otherwise Pakistan will feel insecure. Then they have to have training camps for terrorists stationed practically any where in world, Middle East, Russia, USA, UK, West Europe etc. It helps Pakistani army to squeeze money and arms out of USA.

US Army generals and top diplomats also have started singing the same song as Pakistani Army

USA soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq were supposed to provide strength to itself and world. But now it seems to have become weakness for its administration and army generals, it has to announce that it can not support Israel much because that will provide insecurity to its soldiers? Army top officials and diplomats of USA in Pakistan practically every day make announcements which indirectly hint that Pakistan has right to keep its terrorist machinery intact as its strategic assets against India and Afghanistan (all because USA needs a face saving device to get out its army -- which face of USA does it save?). They seem to be now getting ready to announce similarly for Nukes in Pakistan.

USA intrusion in Af-Pak region was supposed to save world from Taliban but now it plans to negotiate with Taliban and thrust them and Pakistan on Afghanistan. For American Administration, suddenly Taliban or Hamas etc. seem to have become human friendly organizations, generating equality in world . Friendship circle of USA or countries in the same wavelength as itself seem to be changing in Asia-Pacific from Japan, Australia, Israel and India to Taliban, Palestinian terror organizations, Pakistan etc.

One of the strangest campaigns by USA media, press and administration is that of trying to nail Afghanistan President Karzai on charges of corruption. Again it seems American administration is in the spell of Pakistani spy agency ISI and army bosses and trying to work on Pakistani ISI agenda rather than their own. Americans should really look first at corruption of its own team. The following quote in article by M.K. Bhadra Kumar in atimes is worth pondering over. (see link below for the full article- a very interesting analysis)

"But then, no one is asking Holbrooke since when is it that corruption became a big issue in America's South Asia policies? Billions and billions of dollars American taxpayers' dollars were funneled into the black hole that was military dictator General Zia-ul-Haq's Pakistan during the Afghan jihad.

In today's Afghan war, history is repeating itself. There is no accountability about where the money is going and it is the talk of the bazaars that vested interests control disbursement of such vast sums of money. The US Congress should perhaps begin an investigation starting with the so-called "experts" who advise the Pentagon and Holbrooke's team."

May be USA administrators and army generals think of it as just a temporary strategic step to get them out of some of the problems they are facing and are not serious about such crazy indications by them or what seems to be a submission to ISI agenda. But still it seems a bit strange for USA to follow such a course even for a strategy. After all USA administration is not Pakistani Army!

Musharraf's unique gift
Musharraf's rule and support he got from USA Europe did harm Pakistan quite a bit, still he did give a unique long lasting gift to Pakistan. He made its media and press practically free. Even though there are some problems still left, for example any body writing strong words against Pakistani Army or ISI is threatened immediately, some have been killed also. But there are many quite bold writers. This is perhaps first time that Press and media have such a freedom in Pakistan.

I have been asked several times by Americans "why did Musharraf made media and press free?" There are no clear answers. One possibility is that he assessed that their barks may not matter much for him and he can get away with real bad ones. What ever may be his reasons, this seems to be one of the great developments. A lid opened by Musharaff may now never get easily closed. Even Pakistani army may not dare to go too far in this respect.

Not every one in Pakistan thinks that these ideas of strategic depths via terror thrusted by army top and feudal rulers are good for them and Pakistan
Fortunately not every one agrees with these ideas of strategic depths via terror thrusted by army top and feudal rulers are good for them and Pakistan. Average Pakistani has to worry more about his daily bread, butter and living conditions, just like any other country. He/She has practically no time for thinking about such exotic strategic depths.

Also many political experts, journalists, opinion writers are against these ideas. They are worried about the direction their country is taking. I am giving below links to some of these write ups, blogs etc. from Pakistani press.

Let us hope this silent majority in Pakistan and writers and journalists of Pakistan can provide direction and strength to their country to get it out of terror turmoil created by insecure army top, feudal rulers of their country and some others.

Countries like USA, India should support this strength from silent majority in Pakistan. But just now USA seems to be supporting opposite side- the Pakistani army and feudal lords while India's moves are not clearly directed at all towards solving these problems of terror generation against them by Pakistani army top and feudal lords etc.

Some articles on terror turmoil related with Pakistan -used to form above views

1. Headlines Today tv movies on Baweja visit to JUD headquarters

2. Pakistani jets have pounded bombs several times in their own tribal areas. Strangely they use jets to kill their own people. Is there any other country where government uses jets for pounding bombs on its own people? There are protests by writers from these tribal areas about it. Pakistani army and elites seem to be taking much less care to avoid civilian deaths compared to care taken by Americans, carrying out drone attacks. But surprisingly their elites protest only about drone attacks and not about such jet attacks.

a news in times of India

An article by Maleen Hafiz in Times of India on Pakistani establishment using mafia links for terrorism

3. Articles which talk about American policies and failures and corruption involved in US money flow etc.

NY Times article by Dexter Filkins on Karzai's brother, drug racket and CIA involvements in it

atimes article by
Alfred W McCoy on opium war in af-pak region, covert cia operations etc.

atimes article by Syed Saleem Shahzad
on pakistan root to Moscow attacks

Newsweek article by Jeremy Khan on next AL Quaeda

Fastertimes article by Jeremy Khan on why India Pakistan cooperation on terror can not go too far

ISI continues to maintain links with Lashkar-e-taiba  according to US expert- a news article in Times of India

NY times article by Dexter Filkins on corruption involved in contractos from USA involved in covert spying in af-Pak regions

An article in Financial Times by Daniel Dombey - US Doubts on Islamabad's Intentions

atimes article by Shibil Siddqui on taliban as stretgic depth for Pak army etc.

Dawn article by Kamaran Shafi -Defining strategic depth

4. American special representative for af-pak region Richard Holbrook did start with right ideas and analysis. But One wonders what is making him do opposite of what his analysis tells him

New Yorker article by George Packer on Richard Holobrook his analysis and his team building up

Fastertimes article by Jeremy Khan Leshkar attack in Kabul Holbrook denial and then taking back denial

article in atimes by M.K. Bhadrakumar - Pakistan sets the ground rules

Article by M.K. Bhadra Kumar in atimes on American administration taking over ISI-agenda against Karzai

5. Good analytical articles by Pakistani writers on problems their country faces due to terrorism being used by their army top and feudal lords as a strategic instrument and support USA provides to army top and feudal lords. Some of these writers were threatened with attacks on their homes with bullets, suspected to be instigated by Pakistani spy agency ISI and army top. Their courage is admirable.

Analysis by Erum A. Hyder in Dawn - two sides of the same Foin-Pakistan has an India problem.

An interesting Interview of Ayesha siddiqua by Wahajat Ali in Counter Punch- Pakstan for sale

An exceptional analysis by Nadeem F. Paracha in Dawn on rise of extremism among army and upper middle class
in Pakistan- The scholer, the sufi and terrorism

An article by Nadeem F. Paracha in Despardes on Imran Khan, a great cricketer with a reputation of being a playboy tuned into an extremist politician

An anlysis by Babar Sattar in The News - nexus between millitants and army top bosses etc.

While these writers analyze well some of editorials in Dawn strangely argue that Army top and feudal lords
style of using terrorism as a strategic asset should be supported by USA. Here are two such example
Dawn editorial

Dawn editorial -II

6. My earlier articles on similar topics

Is USA now going to support terrorist networks based in Pakistan?

USA bent on fighting both sides in af-pak sector war

American Policies on War in Afghanistan and Pakistan

7. photos taken from

News&views April 2010


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    • prasadjain profile image

      Dr.S.P.PADMA PRASAD 7 years ago from Tumkur

    • profile image

      soumyasrajan 7 years ago from Mumbai India and often in USA

      Hi! Watkins

      Thanks for your visit. Yes! I totally agree with what you say.

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 7 years ago from Chicago

      Wow! I had no idea this was going on in Pakistan. Thank you very much for educating me. This is not good.

    • profile image

      soumyasrajan 7 years ago from Mumbai India and often in USA

      Hi! Teresa

      Thanks a lot for your visit. It is always pleasure to hear from you.

    • Teresa Laurente profile image

      Maria Teresa Rodriguez - Laurente 7 years ago from San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.

      Great story, full of information. I am left with more awakening of things going on around me. Thank you for sharing.

    • profile image

      soumyasrajan 7 years ago from Mumbai India and often in USA

      Hi! Micky

      Thanks for a visit. Exactly!! Most of popular press tv, media etc. in India, USA, Europe is just lost in what you bluntly call urinating. I am quite sure silent majority feels appalled by it. I often say in India, let us build a consensus for some time not to use any abusive, divisionary word for some time and just concentrate on building a society in which every working person earns enough to provide a minimal life to all in his/her family. This is what we should try to do for whole world. You know, it is not, after all such a difficult task when silent majority agrees.

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 7 years ago

      This is a great hub. One problem we have here is a tendency to urinate too many folks off and that will eventually attract more opponents. Thanks for a great hub!

    • profile image

      soumyasrajan 7 years ago from Mumbai India and often in USA

      Hi! Roychoudhuriji

      Thanks for your visit and interesting comments. Yes I agree with you. I agree with you the problem will remain for quite some time.

      American administration will continue to fight from both sides in the war in af-pak region. They will finance and strengthen army rulers and feudal lords in Pakistan and other similar countries and they will also continue to fight foot soldiers of terrorism trained and unleashed by these very forces. Let us hope Americans can wake their government up to change this self destructive course for themselves and for many in world.

      But problem India faces is not because of Americans. It is due to its own inaction. Indian administration does not want to do any thing at all to save their people from terror inflicted by this top elite from Pakistan. I can understand it does not want to get involved in killing people in Pakistan or rebuke back with covert operations as USA or Western Eurpoean countries seem to have got involved in Afghanistan. That is not our style.

      But at least it can identify sources in Pakistan which are with terrorist tendencies and those which are good. It can declare for example bodies, people from ISI, army or police forces in Pakistan and political parties and criminal groups which are helping or inspiring terror and criminal activities, like smuggling, extortion etc. and declare them to be terrorist organizations. While it can help those organizations in Pakistan which may want their country to get out of this mess.

      It can then request and diplomatically persuade other countries also not to do business with these organizations.

      Weapons and hand grenades used by terrorists are manufactured in USA, European countries and China. It can protest about it and try to persuade them to create some checks on it, when they supply it to Pakistani army or other organizations.

      It can diplomatically talk with USA about their supplying deadly nuclear armed type missile fitted planes to Pakistan.

      It can do a lot more than this. It can improve economic conditions in its own country and surrounding region. Declare a plan for it and put a condition that only those countries who are ready to take action against all terrorists state or non-state actors can join in this development group. One can then hope that Pakistani silent majority may also want to imitate similar steps or join this group.

      Time being Indian administration is not ready to take even very simple measures. It seems to be waiting for USA to do some thing. As Once Arun Shorey had commented-"it is time our administration stop crying mummy mummy! (mummy stands for USA) and do some thing on its own".

    • H P Roychoudhury profile image

      H P Roychoudhury 7 years ago from Guwahati, India

      It is a well written hub with the actual facts. But where is the solution. The most problem lies with India, Indian people and the Indian security and Indian economy. US have realized at last that Pakistan cannot be changed to a democratic country. Now the policy of America is changed. It is going to favor not the democracy but the Army. US know the double role of Pakistan since the beginning of Afghan war. America wants an honorable retreat. US want its Army back to US. If necessary US will support Talban or al-Qaeda as is done by Pakistan for the withdrawal of American Force. Therefore, the problem will remain for India. The trained militant under the guidance of Pakistan will continue to strike India under all odds. Pakistan never wants a peaceful region unless Pakistan is superior to India by strength in support of other Muslim regions and grapes the whole of Kashmir by force. Thank you for your enlightened hub.

    • profile image

      soumyasrajan 7 years ago from Mumbai India and often in USA

      Thanks Pop!

      Strengthening democratic institution in Pakistan is a minimum condition first. Just now Pakistani army is practically in every walk of life in Pakistan. Electricity distribution, building, civil administration, election, religion, criminal activities, drugs, smuggling extortion (getting money by kidnapping or threatening business people), printing false currency almost every thing good or bad has army's presence direct or indirect. So it is a long haul to get it out of civilian matters.

      One difficulty Americans face is that because of this presence they manipulate army top and try to establish artificially a democratic set up using feudal lords to provide a cover up. But then within no time they decide- no nothing can work without army, democratic set up is ineffective and so again they start with the same cycle and put army on the top.

      But I feel if basic minimal life style is available to every working person(education, food, shelter, infra-structure) in a democratic set up in Pakistan, most of these things will go in no time.

      India has to improve its own economic conditions to provide this minimal life style to its own people but its plans should include developing the same structure in countries surrounding it.

      Pakistan may be a bit difficult initially because their rulers are too hostile to India and have fed for decades masses "crushing India is their main goal, one Muslim is equal to 10/100 Hindus in war etc. etc." But masses are waking up. Media press freedom will prove to be a big boon. One Pakistani writer once wrote satirically "Kashmir is with India, the issue of Kashmir is with us."

      India should start with itself and some other countries in neighborhood. I think people of Pakistan then may force govt. to concentrate in building up and taking help from India, USA etc. by building business with them.

      But also one more thing you have to be careful Pop! These parts are not that much at war or in trouble as you may have impression. Because only such news reaches US. It is not like middle east where there are always rockets flying and jugglery of Iran, USA, West Europe, Saudi Arabia etc. go on perpetually.

      Terrorism -mainly supported by army top in Pakistan and some feudal lords in that country and some other Muslim countries is the main cause of problem. It is being given Muslim color just to keep tempo on. But USA administration is time being reluctant to even identify actual source. Most of its activities are actually directed towards supporting and financing this top.

      I wonder how many people in USA realize this.

    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 7 years ago

      You are quite right. Countries should band together and support the silent majority in Pakistan. Will there ever be peace in that part of the world?