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Newspeak is Open Ended

Updated on March 17, 2011

Control Language is Open-Ended

You will find a lot of differences that have occurred in our language which serve to separate "bad" people from "good" people. You will see people talking about "black" when you use negative feelings to cope with stress. You'll see people wiping things down when you engage in any unclean thought or action. Things can be taken as insults OR they will perhaps lead you to understand something about yourself.

If someone speaks of "trash", it is a test of your level of peacefulness. You do not want to behave like the thing that you are called. Behaving as such leads you to think you are as such. This way, you are right where they want you - angry, outraged and in a BAD MOOD. This way of thinking is VISIBLE to someone/something and your "punishment" is swift and mentally-debilitating - leading to a "downward spiral" into panic and at the very worst, a psychotic break with reality.

     If you get "Psychically-insulted", use this response:  "Well, I've been told a lot worse and that didn't stop me."  These folks will plan their most vicious attacks to have "Lazy", "Child" or "Bum" as parting shots.  They use "Whiner" to make us feel weak for acknowledging how unfair all this is.  NEVER TAKE THE BAIT, emotionally-speaking.  Their goal is to try and get you to feel as:  angry, outraged, hurt and depressed.  Our job is to feel:  up-beat NO MATTER HOW BAD THINGS LOOK,  be self-reliant, feel happy to be a SURVIVOR of something so crafty and deadly and be OPTIMISTIC about the future (God really helps out in this department.) 

     A lot of their messages are completely open-ended.  It could be interpreted as something great or awful, DEPENDING ON HOW LIGHT/DARK YOUR VIEW IS.  This again is how the system filters "good people" from "bad people".  The person with the darker view sees something horrible while the person with the light view sees positivity or nothing. It isn't so much that we "have to be" positive, it's more like:  we Win when our attitude is positive. 

     Don't let these guys get you to feel self-pity.  I see myself as a freedom-fighter who is totally expendable in this "War on the Individual Mind".  This expendability renders you un-afraid of death and pain.  You only have so long to be here and make changes to something which has gone wrong.  The more pain you take on, the more you are fighting for freedom.  They've used death-threats on me for 5 years now.  They have never been right, it's just a distraction strike to keep you from doing your duty:  standing up for THE TRUTH. 

     Having HIGHER VALUES as your motivus increases your chances for success.  Setting people free beats personal revenge hands-down.  It's like there are Laws to Psychological Success:  only the positive, caring people make any headway.  To seethe is just not much of a successful strategy.  Twenty years ago, revenge made an excellent motivus.  Today, it just leads you to become confused and maddened by Binaurally-Stimulated "Sham Rage".   About the only thing it is good for is to bring fearlessness of death/pain.........and it has to be REALLY SUBTLE.    



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