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News&views Feb 2010 spiritualism-USA American Hermit

Updated on February 8, 2010

News&Views Feb 2010

Spiritualism -USA

An american Vanaprastha ashrami Hermit
(see link of hubpage by 50caliber below)

After the age of 50, getting a little detached from daily routine one does as a house holder (Sanskrit word is Grahastha), is a feeling which has been there in India for a long time. According to an old Indian tradition, life should be sort of divided into four phases (ashrams, see links below).

Third phase should generally start at 50 and go on till 75 and is called Vanaprastha ashram. During this time a person is supposed to live a bit in solitude and like a hermit. How ever India is not the only place where people follow this path (now a days of course it is not so common, but still quite a few are there ). American style adventurism, which has been a big asset for USA, in almost any aspect of life, technology, science, simplicity, war, social work etc. has also inspired many to lead a similar path. By chance I came across this interesting hub by 50caliber. He is indeed living a life of a hermit, a Vanaprastha ashrami. More from himself.

Being a hermit-50caliber


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    • 50 Caliber profile image

      50 Caliber 8 years ago from Arizona

      I thank you for the recommendation and will be reading up on your links for an education of the phases of life.