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Updated on October 30, 2020

Is Planet X on it's Way?

Is there a planet larger than earth on a collision course with us? Is this the ancient planet Niburu that we are hearing so much about? Is there actually alien life on this planet and are they the ancient race that once ruled earth?

A simple search on the internet will bring up page after page of information regarding Planet X and although most have pretty much common content, they do all however pose only an opinion on the planet and what is too come. Conspiracy theorists around the world have jumped onto this bandwagon and run quite wild with it. But is there any truth to it? Lets investigate a few facts here. Please also see my other hubs for more about this planet and other conspiracy theory's.

There are various theories as to what this planets holds and if in fact there is a planet at all. The best way to approach the validity of this planet is to maybe go back in time. Back to when educated, advanced races ruled earth ,so much so that even to this day we struggle to define their technology and methods. I am of course talking about ancient Egypt mostly, but lets not forget the Mayans and Incas who we will find out also had some revelations involving Planet X. I can't discuss them all in this one hub but please view my other hubs for further discussion regarding Niburu and Planet X.

A brief study of ancient Egyptian drawings will reveal to you all too often depictions of Large or Giant beings sitting on thrones or leading men. These Giant beings took on the form of man but often had a different head of sorts. Mostly you would find the dog or fox like face but other variations also exist depicting various heads or faces. Now as creative as the Egyptians may have been back then, one doubts that they would randomly choose these animal heads to depict leaders or figures of authority. Why too would they makes these leaders giants, with men bowing to them or carrying them, just in some way working or slaving for them. The fascinating alignment of the pyramids with the constellations and the various disc like objects that have been drawn by the ancient Egyptians also beckons the question of "Were the Ancient Egyptians in contact or perhaps even ruled by an alien race?"

Lets not make this about Ancient Egypt though. I just wanted to briefly step back in time to make a point, which is that however much we attempt to deny it the facts are there for us all to see. Something strange did take place in these times and it may even be happening still.

Back to Planet X or Niburu as some call it. There is a strong belief among some that Planet X does in fact carry a life form and that life form is the Annunaki. The Annunaki are well known amongst researchers and conspiracy theorist as the lizard race that once ruled the earth, and as some believe, still do. They are apparently 7-10 foot tall, walk straight up like man and have evolved to reproduce much in the same way as a mammel. They have populated our planet for millenia and have evolved thousands of years past human beings. The theories that have been posed for this race, albeit reptilian we cannot actually call them alien as they originate from Earth, is that they left earth 3600 years ago on Planet X, and now they are coming back.

Planet X, or Niburu, is believed to be on a 3600 elongated orbit around our sun. Where as our Earth rotates around the sun in a circular fashion, Niburu ventures of deep into space out of our solar system and then back again. There is also the theory that Earth was actually created when Planet X hit another planet in our solar system resulting in the creation of Earth, the moon and the asteroid belt, but that will be left for another hub.

So why all the hype? Well it is believed that should Niburu pass into our solar system and past Earth it's massive gravitational pull will throw Earth off it's orbit or even as some say, stop it spinning. When Earth eventually does start spinning again it may be in the opposite direction. So when is this all supposed to happen? Believe it or not Niburu is supposed to be coming back sometime soon. The date for this was Dec 2012, which also happened to be the end of a Mayan cycle on the Mayan calendar, but that has long since come and gone.

Read here about the return of Planet X and the Galactic Federation

Strange but true. These are facts that somehow all seem related to one another. The extinction of dinosaurs, advanced races, ancient drawings and scripts there all seems to be a connection of sorts .

The biggest problem with all of this is that the powers that be, powerful governments, Nasa etc who all have access to advanced technology capable of viewing deep into space and even listening deep into space......nobody has denied this. Why would they not stand up and say that it's not true.....or it is true....or something. Their silence is evident of something. We don't know what but there is some truth to this.

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