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Nigerian Visa scam and how easy it is implemented in the UK to scam visa and benefits

Updated on July 16, 2014

IDcard for Ajibola Taiwo Osuolale

ID card for Nigerian Visa scam artist.
ID card for Nigerian Visa scam artist.

My Loving Nigerian wife!

Scamming a UK Visa and fiddling the UK authorities

A UK passport to a Nigerian citizen is worth a lot of money. So what if you could scam the system and not pay for it at all? It would be an attractive way to get a UK Visa an Passport and you could brag about it to your friends and explain how easy the UK Visa system was to con.

I can tell you about my experience with one such situation where this happened. The down side to this is somebody loses out and could well spend time in prison for something they did not do.

I am going to explain what happened to me and back it up with evidence and I will probably get a bit of flack for exposing what has gone on, but hopefully the word will spread and nobody else will get sucked in on this particular scam!

In 2011 I was working as an electronic engineer and had shared custody of my 3 children. I advertised for a nanny to help out when I had to work and when the children were staying with me. I figured a part-time nanny would suffice and it would suit a student. I hired a French student who stayed for a year and did a great job, studied and made an excellent nanny for the children. When she finished her studies and returned to France the children were upset to lose her and they still talk about her and the fantastic pancakes she used to make!

I re advertised the position in 2012 and got a few replies one of which was from a Nigerian student, Ajibola Taiwo Osuolale. I met her and she seemed genuine and talked of an interest in looking after children. she claimed that she was a good cook and could handle the job. She took up the position as Nanny but seemed to be a little distracted by problems with her studies. It became apparent that she had not paid fully for the course she was on and the course was suspended at Salford University.

With the children staying with me infrequently it did not seem like a big problem when little facts like my new Nanny, could not cook at all, came to light. I was assured that she would learn the basics and could be a useful nanny once her Salford University course was sorted out. She told me that she needed £3,000 to pay for the course.

After just a few weeks together she said that she was attracted to me. She was certainly good looking and quite a bit younger than me. I naively took it as a genuine relationship and tried my best to help her with her Visa and problems with the University.

I was bombarded day in day out of how much she loved me and how worried she was at the fear of being sent back to Nigeria. In what now seems like a whirlwind romance we got married, primarily for the pressure she felt from the UK border agency. Coming out of the registry office she had to tell me her date of birth as I had that little conversation with her on the subject!

After we were married, I thought, naively, that without the threat of her Visa being removed, things would be more relaxed and we could concentrate on our relationship and improving things. Taiwo, was however preoccupied with another task, getting pregnant. She told me that she needed to get pregnant and her sister had given her tips on the best position to achieve that aim.

A few months went by and she did get pregnant and Salford University started suing her for the late fees that they claimed were owed. I started looking at the paperwork and showed it to a Solicitor. He immediately said "this has all the hallmarks of a Visa scam". The payment history had been made with credit cards, some failed payments in very similar names, all of the Nigerian. Indeed the more I looked at it, the more it seemed that the very course was applied for and granted as a Visa Scam. Taiwo had a degree in Agriculture and the master degree course was in Computer Science, something that she new nothing about. As I worked with computers, the more I asked her about the course, the more apparent it was that she new nothing. Salford University were it seems quite happy to give a Masters Degree to someone who new nothing of the subject and spent little time on the course. Most of the course she explained was carried out online! Why then did she need to come to England in the first place!!!

Well, it gets worse.

In late 2011, she became violent towards me and would fly into a rage at the slightest thing. I put some of down to hormones and being pregnant. On one occasion I filmed her in my shop as she attacked me for an hour, slapping and hitting me and then attacking me with a screwdriver. I will upload the video and provide the link here. A few days after that attack, she attacked me and then called the police at home and had me arrested. I was kept in the cells overnight and was eventually released with no charge when I showed the injuries that I had sustained to the officers. She had no injuries whatsoever.

She spent a couple of weeks at her sisters house after this incident and rang me up apologising and asking to come back home. It is easy in retrospect to look back and say that I should not have let her back, but she was pregnant with our child and I was stupid.

In 2012 Nathan was born. A lovely bright energetic boy with a mixture of our different ethnic backgrounds. He is the main victim in this Visa scam story.

Later that year Taiwo received a letter from the UK border Agency stating that she had a two year Visa. After she received that notification there was a distinct change in Taiwo's behaviour. She became far more aggressive and would physically attack me if I did not agree to what she wanted. To simply look at her, you would not think that she would be violent at all.

Well in 2013 she did the whole attacking me thing again. After injuring me and walking out, I was arrested 3 days later. My injuries were photographed and still very visible after the attack. She however had come up with a bizarre story of a 2 hour attack by me that is simply unbelievable. Even the prosecuting solicitor at court said that she had "exaggerated" the claims. She in fact made up an entirely bogus story of me attacking her and after a few days went to the police with self inflicted injuries.

Well, as I found out later, if you are on a 2 year temporary visa, you get a permanent resident visa after 5 years if you stay with your spouse, UNLESS it can be shown that there is domestic violence withing the relationship! Then you get your Visa and UK benefits without question.

She simply new the rules, had no intention of staying with me for 5 years and played the system. She picked a fight with me on more than one occasion to establish what she needed for her Visa and when I did not fight back, she simply made up a suitable story. The police and UK border agency are quite happy to go along with this scam, so you should be seeing a lot more of it.

Attack with screwdriver caught on video


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