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Nightmare Scenario 2020: Trump Loses By Narrow Margin

Updated on May 5, 2019

The nightmare scenario in the 2020 U.S. presidential election is that Trump loses by a narrow margin. A margin that, like when the Gore-Bush election, was so close and debatable, that Trump fights for the outcome. It is certainly within his DNA as he loves a battle against perceived enemies, both real and in his reality.

Unless the election ended is a fairly decisive or substantial ballot outcome, where the Democratic candidate wins, all bets that Trump would want to challenge the result because he is such a poor loser, which he has proven many times. Much like the Bush-Gore outcome, this challenge would be far less civil judging on Trump's past conduct over other issues like the Mueller report, which did find 10 serious obstruction possible cases that he could be prosecuted on by a willing attorney.

Should this event occur, it will only because the Democrats have failed again in choosing a candidate that has great appeal to the majority of Americans, as Speaker Pelosi has stated. She has said that the candidates should stay in the middle politically and not veer to the right or far right with crazy notions that could look like creeping socialism. She seems to hint that her choice is Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for VP.

Much of America will be still divided in November, 2020, when the election happens. It will probably be Trump is at 45% or so, who just love the man to no end despite his crass personality that no parent would want to have their child emulate. The other 55% will be those who hate him, those who are undecided still. This is similar to the 2016 election that got him elected! Trump appealed to many middle roaders in 2016 because they hated Clinton. Many of those traditional swing voters that usually went Democratic, selected Trump because of Clinton. In 2020, the situation will be the same, ugh! The field of Democratic candidates have yet to ignite in overwhelming fashion. The only possibility is if most of the 55% and undecided simply vote for the Democratic candidate because they hate Trump, even if the Democratic candidate is unappealing. It could work out that way.

Let's not forget about the Russians. Trump has given them a green light recently after his talks with Putin where they belittled the whole "collusion" thingy. Trump has basically hinted to them that if he can benefit from the Russian interference, in whatever form it takes, great! Carry on, KGB! Of course, Mueller found no evidence of collusion (that Trump was part of a known conspiracy), just a lot of bad missteps by his men that gave a false impression to the public. In a bipartisan bill, where paper ballots would be used in 2020 as a backup to electronic voting, Trump vetoed it. It is almost like Trump does not want a paper trail in the next election because the Russians will likely interfere. What kind of American president embraces this interference? Trump is a man with no morals, so whatever American democratic values there are, are second to Trump and winning is everything.

Were Trump to lose by a narrow margin, he would fight to no end. But, were he to lose, he would be subject to criminal prosecution for obstruction and whatever fraud he has done while in office or not. This might be the only thing that prevents Trump.

But then again, maybe not!


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