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Nightmare Scenarios With President Trump

Updated on November 13, 2019

President Trump is the most divisive president in the past century and has caused the nation to go through another impeachment process because of his abuse of power and obstruction. Yet, he still somehow still has a 45-50% approval rating among his party.

The impeachment inquiry and the trial will do two things:

  1. Provide sufficient evidence to create the articles of impeachment
  2. Move the process to a real trial in the Senate

The outcome of all this will most likely not convict Trump of wrongdoing and an acquittal will be announced based on insufficient evidence because the Senate is held by the Republicans. No matter what happens in the trial, there will never be enough Republicans to remove him from office. Get use to it. Get over it. That said, should a shocking end result with removal of office, what exactly happens if Trump refuses to leave? Can he be forcibly removed? Imagine the chaos that would ensue with this and having VP Pence assume the oval office.

That is nightmare scenario number one.

Assuming nothing really happens to Trump once the impeachment process is done, and Trump runs against Biden or other in 2020, what happens if the election is won narrowly by the Democrats. You know, Trump will challenge it as Bush did in 2000, it will be a repeat of that event. What happens if it is determined that the Democrats won but Trump refuses to concede? Refuses to leave the White House? This is all within the realm of possibility with Trump who loves to fight. His supporters would back him in a close race.

That is nightmare scenario two.

Regardless of what actually occurs, Trump has damaged the whole American political process for decades. Future presidents will never be fully trusted again and political parties will remain divided with few cooperative moments that help America.


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    • perrya profile imageAUTHOR


      12 months ago

      Who knows what will come in the next 10 months....

    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 

      12 months ago from Ohio

      I agree, no matter how you look at it Trump is a nightmare. Having grown up in northern New Jersey I can say that Trump has always been a nightmare.

    • lovemychris profile image

      Leslie McCowen 

      12 months ago from Cape Cod, USA

      I agree. There is no going back, now. Once it’s ok for a prez to break the law, it’s 100% over.

      So, in actuality, it was over during GW Bush, and the fact we “ moved forward”, instead of dealing with what they did.

      And, this whole process has shown the failure of our gvt. The failure of our gvt in protecting us from powerful, monied and vicious interests.

      Maybe it’s always been so?

      In all honesty, we know nothing about what goes on anywhere, from the halls of gvt, to the halls of justice, to the halls of the military.

      We have never been a unified country, and I wish they had just let the division be.

      The price for unifying was the electoral college, and that is about as undemocratic an idea ever to hit paper.

      Forever we will be fighting to be free of them. And what’s the point, when the set up is in their favor?

      My hubby is in prison, so I can’t leave. But I’m begging my kids to get their passports, and get the hell out of here, before they can’t.

      It’s not going to get better, it’s going to get worse. Fundamentalism, money, and bigotry will forever doom this place.

      Waiting around for that ideology to die out is not worth it......there are places you can go where people truly are free to be who they are, and valued.....not for their bank account, or who their god is, but simply because they are here.

      This place aint it. It’s a constant fight just to breathe.......and that will get worse, too, as the god people roll back all the environmental safety’s that have been put in place......and those safety’s were fought tooth and nail by those profiting off of poisoning people, animals and the eco system.

      We are just used to mass shootings’s a part of living here. Why?

      They can’t even pass a universal background check.

      They can’t pass anything. Why? Mitch Mcconnell, that’s why.

      What kind of gvt allows one crooked moneygrub to have power over the majority of it’s citizens?

      One man versus the will of most of the people.

      Funny, it’s the same man who will preside over not admitting that a president broke the law.

      The same man who presided over an unprecedented number of filibusters to block the legislation of our last prez.

      The same man who stole a Supreme Court seat.

      The same man who has currently ignored 400 bills sent to him by the United States House of Representatives.

      How is it we let one man have so much power?

      Trump met with Erdogan the White House......the guy who is slaughtering our allies.

      He invited Kysliak and Lavrov into our White House to laugh about how he was free since he fired the man in place to make sure he hasn’t broken the law.

      AFTER our intel chiefs told him that Russia made a cyber attack on our country!

      And he’s still cheered like a rock star.

      A fish rots from the head.....who wants to be there when the whole thing is contaminated?

      As you said, get over it, get used to it.

      If we protest like China, our gvt will respond like China’s.

      Welcome the the New World Order.

      Second verse, same as the first.


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