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Putin from Russia says: Nikolic Tomislav, say hello to Boris!

Updated on June 10, 2012
Foto: TANJUG. New president of Serbia, on left - Tomislav Nikolic and President Putin in Moscow.
Foto: TANJUG. New president of Serbia, on left - Tomislav Nikolic and President Putin in Moscow. | Source

Historic relations

Russia and Serbia have an strong diplomatic relationship, dating from WW II . Many people, outside Europe, some even in Europe - which is quite an embarrassment - think that Serbia is an former Russian republic. No! Absolutely, not. Serbia, haven't even been under Russian administration - anytime in history, as Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia( today's Czech Republic and Slovakia) and Romania ... were.

Words of support to international integration plan and to Kosovo politic

Moscow, Belgrade -- newly elected president of Serbia, Tomislav Nikolic, traveled to Russia today as an guest to an "United Russia"'s celebration. Tomislav Nikolic, the president that many marked him as pro-Russian one, and nationalistic - said to Putin that cooperation between Russia and Serbia will "go progressive". source:TANJUG

On upper-mentioned statement, Mr.Putin have returned with message that Nikolic can count on support of Moscow, in realization of his politics.

Nikolic and Putin,have spoken today on margins of congress of Putin's "United Russia", about 15 minutes in front of press representatives, and afterwards they've spoken behind closed doors.

Russian president have asked Nikolic to comply his little, as he said, unusual request : "I know that Boris Tadic has been Your opponent in during campaign. But, since I've been cooperating with him in past few years, I would ask You to say hello to him, and to pass my best wishes to him in future work. " - Putin said.

Nikolic thanked Putin on his support to Serbia on international plan, especially, when it comes to saving Kosovo's integrity, and effort to maintain Kosovo in borders of Serbia.

Support of Russia to achieve promised

Nikolic has also said to President of Russia, that he - during presidential campaign - has "openly said to people of Serbia that he wouldn't win if his opponent were Vladimir Putin".

"You are very popular and welcome in Serbia, and You deserved that with Your politics in Russia and the way You ran it." - Nikolic has noticed.

Putin used this occasion to congratulate personally to Nikolic on his win, and wish him to "realize everything that he promised to Serbian people.

“On realizing Your goals, You can count on support of Russia”- Putin said ,and added that Russian public is aware of politic attitude of Tomislav Nikolic - towards to Russia."

He reminded that position and politics of Russia towards Serbia, is well known and - on Nikolic's statement that he would like to officially visit Russia when he officially become President of Serbia - he said that Nikolic can do that "whenever he finds it convenient" , "in any time" - Putin said.

Nikolic : "We are willing to stop immediately EU integrations if Kosovo reconition is an demand!

"I assure You that cooperation between Serbia and Russia will go progressive! Also, I assure You that You can see Serbia as an partner on Balkan" - President Nikolic said to Putin.

"Serbia is on its way to European Union. That is far and uncertain route. We will form country under the standards and laws that exist in EU." - Nikolic stated, and added : "...I haven't heard so far that there is a demand from EU for recognition of Kosovo as independent country."

"If there is such a demand from EU, than we are unwilling to continue our integration to EU, and we would stop dialogue with EU immediately. " - Nikolic added to press question about his politics to towards to Kosovo.

He also stated that Serbia with resolution of assembly, required to military neutralism.

One of the main sentences that surprised is : “Serbia won't join NATO! " - Serbian Advanced Party (ex leader) stated, and added that "he was telling that to the people of Serbia, during presidential run - which he has won.


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