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Nine Eleven and Your Greatest Fears

Updated on September 6, 2009

Still, remember to love...

Hatred never wins; it only seems that way.
Hatred never wins; it only seems that way.

Is your fear healthy? Maybe...

Eight years and the wars rage on. We’re still in Iraq, no signs of getting out of Afghanistan, and talk of bombing Iran can still be heard—quietly—in not just a few circles.

The worst part of it all? We are afraid. Afraid of the so-called terrorists. Afraid of immigrants. Afraid of gay people. Afraid, afraid, afraid. When you’re constantly afraid, life will ultimately become unbearable. And then, what do you do?

Of course, it’s not all about the wars and health care and immigration. You also have to consider the state of our schools. What are the kids actually learning? Do you, as a parent, have any real idea what the curriculum in your child’s school is? Does he/she learn about the real Abraham Lincoln? The real FDR? The real War on Communism? Does he/she come home and tell you what the teacher said about gay marriage? Or Black Activism? Or Texas wanting to secede from the Union?

There’s also the Religious Right, the Liberal Left, the so-called Moderates. They all charge each other with bringing down the country. Don’t forget the bankers and insurance giants and drug companies. They want to control your life. No? Check a little deeper.

Lots of reasons to be fearful, suspicious, protective, no?

As long as our fear rules us, nothing will change. OK, so we realize that. But how do we get past it all? Good question. Especially since fear is not only natural, it’s one of the most powerful of the emotions. It’s a survival tactic. Why would we even want to overcome it?

Is it even possible?


So, what to do?

If you Google phrases life “freedom from fear,” or “living without fear,” you will get a list of thousands of websites that claim to help you get rid of fear. My suggestion (and this will be controversial): Stick with the Buddhist sites and only those sites that don’t want to charge you a lot of money to get the advice. The Buddhists, believe it or not, are rather pragmatic and won’t steer you in a weird direction.

If you have some good ideas or just want to challenge me on the Buddhist thing, please leave a comment.  

Many blessings to you and fear not!



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    • profile image

      RichardSpeaks 8 years ago

      Vizey: You are right. And clashes between cultures are nothing new. The difference is, now we can destroy not only the "enemy" but the entire world.

      But we won't. Because the number of people in each culture that wants a new agenda is growing. We are changing the world one mind at a time. Ultimately, we will overcome the tendency to attack what we fear. Why? Because we will stop fearing it.

      Sounds pie-in-the-sky. Still, I believe it. The alternative is to see the world heading for certain destruction.

      Not me.

    • Vizey profile image

      Vizey 8 years ago

      Terrorist can attack anywhere in the world. It does not matter whether it is USA or India or Iraq. it is nothing but clash between civilizations and ideologies.

    • RichardSpeaks profile image

      Richard Kent Matthews 8 years ago from Portland, OR Metro Area

      Often, they fear what they THINK they do know, too. Like "death panels" and "socialist takeover." People are susceptible to all kinds of indoctrination when they consciously or unconsciously decide to quit thinking for themselves.

      We change the world one consciousness at a time, apparently. That can take a while.

      So, in the mean time, we will just keep up the good work, right?

      Thanks for the comments.

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 8 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Good blog with a very good conclusion. I think for the most part people fear what they don't know. I think as much "education" as possible can dispel many common fears.