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No Bitching Law

Updated on April 7, 2013

No Bitching Law

Americans are far too inclined to complain about things, particularly their government. They have food, a roof over their head and even if these things are insufficient there is nearly equal opportunity for all to achieve this. If they compared the “hardships” of their life to those in a third world country, their financial or political problems would seem irrelevant.

Take Burma for example (yes, I still call that country Burma). Their government is essentially a military power that took control. A military power that is brutish, cruel and takes capitol punishment or rape upon those who object to their ways. Or what about people in China who are dirt poor, working and living in squalid conditions with virtually no way of moving up on the social ladder?There are people in some third world countries who have to eat bugs to survive and have tyrant leaders who brutalize their subjects on a whim. And Americans are complaining that Obama isn’t giving them better welfare. Please.

Nevertheless, Americans who are complaining about the president or what the government is doing are more often than not, merely complaining. In other words, they are not doing anything about it. I am not arguing that corruption of government doesn’t exist, nor am I saying that we don’t need to change some things in America but what I am saying is: What is accomplished by squabbling about it to others?

True, injustices should be known about. True, there isn’t any reason why a people should smile complacently as their constitutional rights go out the window but when all responsibility is thrown irresponsibly at the door of the government, then we get a nation of people who are manically clamoring for reform. You get a million people laying their problems on the government and demanding that it is fixed for them. Yes, the government has their role but so does every citizen in America. Only a little child would need somebody else to take care of them on every aspect of their daily lives, right?

Therefore, I feel that a “No Bitching Law” should be implemented in America. This isn’t to block anybody’s inalienable freedom of speech but it should be stipulated that anybody who does complain about their government must also be doing their part to help rectify the situation, beyond spreading slander about their leaders. You hear some of these people preaching about what government should do. Some of them sound very educated as if they have a complete grasp of the situation. Why, then, don’t they become a politician? They feel they could do so much better then it can be said that it might be their duty to step up to the plate and take a couple of swings.

Okay, forget about doing something so major as becoming a politician. What if every citizen found new ways to just be better citizens? What if they worked harder or helped others to work harder? What if they put in a little more time than usual with their children or the children in their community? Just the slightest individual effort, multiplied by the millions of people in America, would unfold exponentially in turning around the economic and social scene in America. Everybody would then stand as a cause point in their country rather than standing at the effect of the allegedly cruel hands of their government.

Talk to others about what is happening in politics, do so by all means. People need to stay informed. But keep in mind while doing so: To what end? What are you accomplishing by complaining? Most importantly, what are you actively doing about it?

America has in it’s military power a group called the Special Forces. It is no secret that one of the operations of the Special Forces is to send men into a foreign country to manipulate it from within. Let’s say the US is going to be at war with Cuba (for example). They send soldiers into the country who live there among the people, speaking their language, following their customs and eventually gaining their trust. They locate or create rebel groups and organize them into an effective fighting force to go against the leaders and existing army of Cuba. This weakens the country from within and the brilliant part is that US soldiers are not sacrificed for the internal battles. Once the country is weakened like this, the rest of the US navy and army need less force to overwhelm Cuba. Less casualties for the US and an easier victory.

The point here, is that the country is weakened from within by getting people to go against their government. Without getting into any conspiracy theories, are we really so naïve as to think that we are the only country that employs these tactics and that there isn’t anybody else out there that would have the vested interest in stirring up America’s population and turn them on their government?

Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not beating the drum for the politicians. I just think it’s social suicide to rally against them rather than figure out what we can do to personally improve things, from the ground level up.

So, the next time you hear somebody speaking disparaging words against the government -- or bitching about the political scene -- ask them: What are you doing about it?


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    • TylerCapp profile image

      TylerCapp 5 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      That is not cool that he cut and pasted my entire article and then slapped his name on the bottom of it. He even used the same photo, which is a picture of me!

      Thanks for the heads up.

    • TylerCapp profile image

      TylerCapp 5 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      Wow, it's a bit shocking that somebody was so fast to steal my article. Thanks for letting me know. The guy even used the same photo which is a photo of me!

      I don't mind if he posts it and says it is something that he found but he cut and pasted my entire story and added his name to the bottom. Not cool.

      Again, thanks for letting me know that my article was stolen. I sent that website an e-mail to let them know.

    • homesteadbound profile image

      Cindy Murdoch 5 years ago from Texas