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No Chains To Hold Them.

Updated on October 12, 2009


No Chains Can Hold Them'


Chains are forged by men
who lust for power
and worship greed
they gather round
the fires of history
to watch the next
unfolding of hope's

last dance
I felt the crimson
blaze on my cheeks,
mesmerized by the dance
of a young nubile creature,
slipping between the smoke
and the shadows cast by
the consumption of the moment......
it was as if time froze
in the face of such heat,
and all were caught up
in the passion of the act...

Like a Chinese woman dancing
in front of a tank to show rebellion,
a Kent state student
slipping a flower into
the barrel of a gun
just hours before she was shot,

Joan of Arc thrash dancing in the flames,

Helen Keller rebelling against her own infrimities

though some sought to subdue her.

They were all 
simply dancing in the face of fools.

No ballet nor fine art performance
would ever resound as loudly
or as touchingly as the brave dances
of those who believe  
beyond their own breath
in justice and peace.....
at any cost.....
No chains can hold a soul,
though men have tried
they fly away and take
the essence of all that
cannot be bound by earthly grief.

Even slaves who worked
in the blazing fields
created some of the most lovely
and haunting spirituals
that they sang as they picked......

Out of oppression has come
so many great works,
the diary of Anne Frank.....or
the novel "Black Like Me" by a white man
disguised as a black who spent
a year being persecuted....
Martin Luther King plucked
from a balcony by madman
but then set upon a mountaintop
where he found all are equal in the
loving eyes of God.

A Cherokee mother
covering her children
with her own body as the bullets
of white men pierce and deliver her
to the great spirit who grants
her the happiness denied her.

The examples are endless
unchained melodies that will
burden the hearts of those evil

in their next life, 
and ring in the hearts
of the pure forever more


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