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No Defense Without Representation: Thoughts on the Citizens Hearing on UFOs Apr 29

Updated on April 14, 2013

2013 Citizen Hearing on Disclosure

If Congress will not do its job, the People will

There are days where human potential shines. Our natural rights are ours not simply because they are natural but also because we stand in acknowledgement of them. They are ours because we do not accept a dereliction of duty or corrupt conscription whose stealth and thievery robs the people of a clear understanding of our world and the landscape of our collective soul.

On April 29 of 2013 the human Soul shall stand up and embody those natural rights once more. Where governance has grossly failed in its duty to maintain its constituents in an informed and competent condition as expected of a Constitutional Republic, the People have prepared and will step in to fulfill a need long-time emerging. Alien Disclosure will be put forth during a Citizens Hearing at the National Press Club in an event scheduled to run between the 29th and May 3rd. The event will be held before 5 prior members of Congress demonstrating the process that should already have occurred in Congress proper somewhere within the last fourty-five years. Some forty researchers and military/agency witnesses are scheduled to testify before the attendees.

More information on the Hearing can be reviewed here:

Ridicule is not a satisfactory defense

As April 29th approaches the System has moved to employ ridicule and degrading comments to depict the Citizen's Hearing on Extraterrestrial Contact as a hoax or media stunt. This is their attempt at self-defense for dereliction of duty to the People.

Norio Hayakawa of Facebook took note of MSNBC's proverbial foot in mouth routine. Apparently Rachael Maddow thinks taking "congressional hearings on UFOs and Aliens" outside of the Halls of Congress is hilarious theater rather than a statement on the Federal Government's failure to enact a real and thorough Disclosure of its own accord or to maintain control of the black budget where special interests and corporations overtly withhold information and technology exchanges in full defiance of the People's expectations.

I monitor the teeth-pulling evolution of human conscious awareness of extraterrestrial contact and it's message that we no longer reside in a "closed-system" very closely. And every so often I have a point to make which illustrates the fight over the evolving collective Nature of mankind. This is one of those incidents which solicited a direct response from my principled self.

I replied to Norio's post, "MSNBC may find it funny but many people who have put the real time in to examine the ufological situation and the activity on the subject of Contact in military and United Nations diplomatic circles, do not. When so much of what goes on in DC no longer represents the People, exercises such as this take on very real connotations because it is more representative than a corrupt and corporatatic illusion of liberty and truth. How do we in turn conscript governance to once again depict the desires and expectations of the population? The only way is establish a superseding act. And the existing establishment which is non-representative will decry, disparage, and scoff in its meager and love-less attempts at self-defense."


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  • FitnezzJim profile image

    FitnezzJim 4 years ago from Fredericksburg, Virginia

    Well now, bravo!

    I've watched the broadcaster you mention several times, and have always ended up flipping the channel. I find it unconscionable that one would use infantile tactics to manipulate an audience. But, the tactics must be effective, as much of our concept of what we regard as PC (whether you think of it as ‘propaganda control’ or ‘politically correct’) come from news manipulators such as these.

    As for UFO’s and aliens, I sincerely hope that we all come to know and accept the truth, whatever it may be. CHOD is offering an avenue to further the pursuit of that truth. As you point out, many people do not feel that a government can be representative while lying or suppressing the truth to the people they govern. Bravo too to those who pursue truth, regardless of ridicule from mainstream news.