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No Hatred.

Updated on December 7, 2017
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Probir is a content writer with ample experience in various domains. He hails from Kolkata, India

Hatred is Optional, Love is Mandatory.
Hatred is Optional, Love is Mandatory. | Source

I do not Hate Anything or Anyone

I earnestly want to make it clear that I don't hate anyone. I have told numerous times that people are not my enemies.


I do not hate women, and I do not want to punish them for anything. I just don't like 'fairy tale' loving women. I think, there is no chance of fancy in this world. You have to be responsible, you must believe that good things need perseverance, and above all, you must not be a 'sex hungry' weaker sex in this cruel world.

Sex Offenders/Criminals

I also don't hate Drug dealers, Politicians and Flesh Traders. I just don't support their theory and their inhuman policies. I firmly believe that sex trade/ prostitution are the major culprits in making women suffer uncountable disadvantages in their lives. Why would any woman be subjected to sex in return of money? Why would people (men) try to have sex for money even if the woman is not interested? Why would they be so weak, so helpless and so fragile? I believe, prostitution must be abolished if we want to make women equally happy and respectable in the human societies.


About Politics. I don't have any great aim to be a politician. I do not even care if no one supports me. My aim is not to overturn governance or show someone in low light. I can't just support bullshit in the 21st century. I mean, how can you practice such meaningless activities in a world that is about to see a major change in terms of human behaviors?

Intentions (About IIM2 Claims)

I also believe a person or a social unit is most correctly understood by their intentions. I have no problem with a non-Bengali leader becoming the CM of West Bengal, but in practice, I have seen doubtful behaviors, and so I am against them. I also believe that leadership is a huge issue related with guiding a society or a community to the right direction, and I have not seen any such intention in today's leaders. For the time being, I seriously don't want any non-Bengali leader to be at the helm of affairs in West Bengal.

About TBBT and IIM2

I have no fear, no regret, no anguish and no personal aim in building an empire by spreading hatred or criminal endeavors but I do not want to be tamed by any selfish, non-futuristic behavior. My sole aim for creating 'The Big Bong Theory' and IIM2 is to show that there are people who do not agree to selfish motives, who do not fear the powerful and the rich, and who do not want to be subjected to any kind of wrongful victimization or shaming. I know well enough that no one can destroy a person or a community if it is aware, ready to progress, and knowledgeable about the current phenomena happening in all parts of the globe.


I also don’t hate America. I believe, it is one of the most progressive and futuristic societies in the world. However, I do not like all theories they have created. Everyone is selfish in this world, and if Americans think that Capitalism is a supportable idea, there’s nothing wrong in it. I strongly believe, it is we who have to judge everything with utmost caution because there are people with both good and bad intentions. How can I hate a country that has given us the awesome “Jeans”, Fighter Jets, BOEING planes and the idea of a thinking democracy? It’s impossible. But, at the same time, I do not think ‘Same Sex Marriage’, the culture of 3Ws and a discreet lifestyle is that good.


I do not hate Muslims too, but many of the crimes we have today are evolving from their criminal and hardcore mindsets which are not supportable. I believe, the Muslims must think seriously why crime is an intrinsic part of their history and present so that the world can turn to a better place for peaceful co-existence.

The Reason Why I don’t Hate Anything

I strongly believe that human behavior, right and wrong, and crime and punishment are all created and practiced by human beings. Therefore, we cannot just term something wrong all by ourselves. The criminal mindsets are also human mindsets, and an act does not become a crime just because a group of people who have written down the laws believe that some activities are not desirable in human societies.

I also believe that the theories and accepted norms change with time, although the basic human values stay intact. I also have no doubt that all drug dealers know that they are doing something wrong because it is our basic instinct to judge the right and wrong depending on ethical milestones achieved by humanity. But, the criminal is often driven by the times and the tides that make him/her a criminal.

I think, we must give proper thoughts on why people do undesirable activities even when they know they’re doing wrong. And, for that, we must first find out what is wrong and what is right? Something that is wrong in one part of the world is right in somewhere else. That is why in this era of technology, there is a great need of using our own conscience while categorizing ‘crimes and punishments’ for all people in this world.

The Reason I keep Talking or Writing about the Society /Community /World

I see a turbulent future for humanity ahead. I strongly believe that we must keep the families as the units of the societies. However, due to unprecedented progress of technology and science, I see a great threat to the basic units of the societies- the family. I am not saying this because I am a pervert (pun!) or a destabilized person. I can see well enough that the need of having a family is becoming increasingly obsolete. I also believe that as we become more advanced, we will collide with the basic virtues of a socially active community, and at that instance, if something can provide us a bit of peace, it is the family.

I believe, if we can keep the society ‘family-based’ we will have many advantages to carry on with utmost pleasure in this world. Although, the chances are very rare, I think a concerted effort to save 'the family' from getting bombed by technologies can bring great fruits to us. That includes a psychological support system, a more cohesive human-bonding and unlimited progress in an atmosphere of love and care.

Ending with a hope of a better tomorrow, enjoy!

Note: I have not written this for people who think themselves too ‘wise’ and seek opportunity in everything. I believe in me and I believe in ‘God’.

Thanks God.


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