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No Voting, No License!!!

Updated on June 18, 2013

Must Register to Vote and Vote in Each Election to Obtain and Maintain a Driver's License

I've come to realize that people have a lot to say, everyone has an opinion and often times complaints. Many people gripe that the government is so corrupt!!!!! When I say people, I am particular referring to American citizens. America is supposed to be the land of the free, privileged with freedoms and rights. It is so easy to complain and as Americans we fight about having rights, scream and petition when they're threatened and yet we don't even take advantage of those rights. We have the right to vote, yet millions of Americans simply choose not to exercise that right. Why is it that when we have a right taken away or even the threat, we through a fit and complain to anyone who will listen? Yet, we are given rights and the right to vote and living in a Democratic nation, where a voice is supposed to mean something, should not be taken for granted. I hate to generalize American’s, so I won’t, but it seems as though we take our opportunities for granted and then complain about everything else.

You're not helping...

It's your fault!

If we are not a part of the solution we are a part of the problem. Voting is only one small action that we can take to have some stake in how our own country is run. We all have opinions, wants, and needs, follow laws and pay taxes. Our voices should be heard, but no one can hear us if we don't speak.

Voting is a privilege and it is one we have earned just for being American. I think we should be rewarded with privileges and punished with the revoking of privileges. Quite frankly, I really don’t want to have to listen to my neighbor’s political opinion and bantering if he doesn’t even take the time to go to the polls and vote on Election Day. I would rather save the energy for an intelligent conversation or debate with someone who might actually make a difference or at least a contribution to the state of our nation.

I think that we should implement a policy that requires all citizens who want driver’s license privileges should only earn them after registering to vote. From the age that we are old enough to vote, voting should be mandatory and if we are not showing up on ballots than our license should be revoked. Everyone wants to drive, so vote!!!

The catch...

It does no good to vote blindly. As every bit it is important to get out and vote and have a say in how our country runs, it is as important to educate ourselves about our choices. What do the candidates have to offer? What are their positions? What do they stand for and what are they willing to fight for? I don't care what party you vote for and I don't care what your political views are. What I care about is that you take the time to invest in our nation. If we all sit back and let our neighbor do the work then no one will be working for change and we will continue to lose the battle until there is nothing left to America. Vote!

In 2000, more than a decade ago, the number of licensed drivers in the United States was 190,625,023. Since 1980,that is an increase of 23.73% and an a 12.39% increase from 1990. With a growing population, in addition to an increase in years, imagine that number today and what that number will grow to be.

Source: US Department of Transportation - Federal Highway Administration

Actual Voters Down Since Last Election


1944 Cartoon

Voting and You

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    • Cantuhearmescream profile image

      Cat 4 years ago from New York

      My dear Colin,

      I almost didn’t see you under all the dust! Ha ha… It’s a good thing you came over here or I might’ve missed my visit from Mr. Watts! :D … and of course, I just love your company :D

      You’re just too good to me Colin!

      I’d agree with you about being apathetic, but then wouldn’t I be contradicting my own hub… lol. Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve given up on politics…lol. I’ll just sit here and smile with a confused smile on my face like most other people :D

      That’s a damn shame, about the crisis in your nearby town and I have to say, I’m not at all surprised! My village is about to no longer exist! Can you believe that? This world is just destroying itself from the inside out! What ever happened to simpler times? Take me back there!

      Thank you for coming over to my darn near extinct page… lol… you can bring life back to anything! I hope you’re having a wonderful day, my wonderful friend!

      Give big huge hugs to those cats of yours and a big one for yourself too!


    • Cantuhearmescream profile image

      Cat 4 years ago from New York

      Howie Watts,

      I'm so glad you can hear me scream, as many others can't and most of those that can are plugging their ears! :D ... It's frustrating to me that everyone seems to have an opinion and something to complain about, but nobody wants to do anything about it. We can all sit back on the sidelines and scream, but who will actually try to make a difference?

      Thank you for the visit and I'll most certainly be your way to check out that hub of yours!


    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 4 years ago

      Cat, I always love checking out the buried treasure of my favorite writers, and perhaps rescuing some orphans which I've never read before.

      Before I go any further I just want to say I posted and linked your main/bio hubpage on my FB wall for everyone to see and read and also on your wall too. Cat, you should be proud of your output here at the Hub and you have offered your lucky readers a very eclectic and exciting mix of topics to choose from.

      Frankly when it comes to politics I am an apathetic bastard, lol, or otherwise known as 'apolitic'

      I remember when we had a crisis in a nearby town here for over an entire year and it literally destroyed people's lives - well the premier of our province never bothered to show up that entire time (a premier is like a governor in your country) ..... all he had to do was fly in on his private helicopter and get a couple of photo ops with both opposing sides and then get the hell out of town but you see Cat - it was just a small town and what kind of votes are to be gained from a small town - I thought all towns, cities, and populations in them were equal. Apparently not in the world of politics. Yes we have 'em here too in our country Cat - your's is not alone.

      As always Cat with your political editorials you get my mind going and that's a good place to be.

      Thank you for caring and for your passion and intelligence in all of your writing - and I love the yin and yang of your choices in subjects - you can do it all - and that's what great writers/thinkers are capable of - moving and touching us no matter what genre. mood, or theme they are writing about - hubbravo to you Cat

      lake erie time 12:17pm

    • Howie Watts profile image

      Howie Watts 4 years ago

      Very well said. And I can indeed hear you scream :-) I have many of the same opinions that you express here in this hub and just finished a hub on the very same subject. That is how I found my way to your hub. It was a suggested read that appeared at the bottom of my own hub. Happy to have found your hub and pleased to make your acquaintance.

    • Cantuhearmescream profile image

      Cat 5 years ago from New York


      You have so many good points! So many people act like they're entitled and demand privileges but yet don't exercise their rights. Trust me, I do a lot of complaing about what this world is coming to and the government and politics, but at least I try to do something about it. I can stand in any room with any group of people and everyone has something to say, but probably a third of them just want to complain and not vote.

      Dead people voting huh? I think some people complain just to hear themselves complain. Who complains about needing an ID for food stamps? Nobody, you know why, because they see an immediate reward for their actions. What you said about citizen/non-citizens is true as well. How many people go to the polls that don't have licenses? I would guess not many. You know that kids count down the day until they can have drive and get their own license, especially in times like today, we should have our children just as excited to have the right to vote once their old enough. Why is voting on things that affect our lives every day and having some stake in what's going on in the world around us not deemed important? When it comes time to vote who the best looking students in the school are, everyone is eager to vote... I can hardly see how that will affect their real lives.

      Thanks for stopping and for your comments; you have a lot of great points to share!


    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James-MizBejabbers 5 years ago

      I, like you, am tired of hearing people scream over trivia, then don’t go exercise their right to vote. By the way, voting is a right, not a privilege. Under our Constitution we have certain rights and voting is one of them. We have many privileges that are never mentioned. Did you know that a person has the right to have a child, but earning a living for that child is a privilege, not a right. Driving a car is a privilege, buying nutritious foods for your family is a privilege. Unfortunately, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is stated as rights but they are not actually defined in the constitution, so many people confuse rights with privileges.

      Anyway, my parents gladly paid their $1.00 poll tax so they could vote when I was a child. Today, our state just passed a new law saying that everyone had to have an ID to vote, and you should hear the screaming and accusations of discrimination. Discrimination, really? Several years ago, officials found that about 200 dead people voted in a general election in our state. Are we discriminating against dead people because they don’t have IDs to vote? “They discriminate against the poor.” Well, the poor have to have IDs to get their food stamps. That means they have IDs so big deal. “It discriminates against Latinos.” How, if they’re citizens, they need IDs anyway. If they’re noncitizens, it’s illegal for them to vote.

    • Cantuhearmescream profile image

      Cat 5 years ago from New York


      Well, I'm all about anything that needs me; sign me up! I'm trying to work my way over there. HP is acting up horribly today, my pages wont update or refresh, my numbers are plummeting and I'm missing notifications and feeds. I'm having a miniture panic attack.

    • RBJ33 profile image

      RBJ33 5 years ago

      What you express above is one of the very reason for PARTICIPATE - I hope you find my hub useful and you feel comfortable joining us. We are only one week old and have 13 members in four states. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • Cantuhearmescream profile image

      Cat 5 years ago from New York


      Thank you. Yes, I know that some of my thoughts, feelings and ideas are realistic, but I often speak and react out of frustration with this country, the government and quite frankly, a lot of the ingorant people running around in it. I get irritated that people complain but don't take the time to make a difference but on the other hand I feel helpless and suppose that us little people really have no hold on these super powerful politicians or government. I also don't like the general direction this society has taken and that I do stand up and yell about and I try not participating in what I don't believe in. But I feel many others complain about how society has taken such a bad turn, yet they run right beside it smiling. Argh! Yes, I will definitely be checking out your Apathy Hub and The Particpate Movement and I appreciate you pointing me there.

    • RBJ33 profile image

      RBJ33 5 years ago

      Hey Ms scream - nice to meet you. You obviously have some strong opinions and feelings, and I agree with most of what you say, but it goes beyond voting - it is supposed to be a Government of the people by the people - the key here is the word "by", we seem to have given up our rights to be involved with running this country. We vote and then go home to bitch and moan about what is good or what is bad about those we just voted for. I invite, and urge you to read my hub "Apathy - is that any way to run a country" and then consider joining us. The PARTICIPATE Movement was inspired by a hub, and we have some hubbers that belong. Good luck to you and I hope I hear from you.

    • Cantuhearmescream profile image

      Cat 5 years ago from New York

      Thank you so much for your positive remarks. I am very eager to join Hubpages and develop a great reputation. I am looking forward to the great discussions and debates. It's nice to hear people actually speak about important issues.

    • joanveronica profile image

      Joan Veronica Robertson 5 years ago from Concepcion, Chile

      Hi there, welcome to Hubpages! I read your Bio, which I liked very much, and I read this Hub, which I voted up and interesting! I hope you will be happy here and grow with us through our daily efforts to write good Hubs. Once again, welcome, and have a good day!


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