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No More War

Updated on September 8, 2012

Make This Symbol a Reality

peace please
peace please | Source

No matter how much the powers that be say they are working towards peace, it is not the truth. Actions speak louder than words. When will our propensity towards war stop?

We have the means, the resources, the manpower, the potential and the intelligence to work together as a human race to take care of the population of the entire world, sustainably. It is possible to supply drinking water, food, shelter and education to all of mankind, but it is not to be. Those who have the most; the power, the control, the weapons and the money have decided that's not a good idea.

They’d rather go to war.

History doesn't have to repeat itself

War has been a prominent part of world history forever but that doesn't make it beneficial or right. The time has come to stop this madness and act like the intelligent beings we tote ourselves to be.

What happened to learning from history so it doesn't repeat itself? We, as a society at large, have always focused so much time and energy on the history of the world; it’s time the bad mistakes that have been made in the past, the horrible, unnecessary slaughters of nations, don't repeat themselves.

The destruction of lives, the earth, communities, and families that war leaves in its path is horrific. We all know it. There is no good that comes of war. The economic benefit to the few who don't need it is shameful.

War: what is it good for? absolutly nothing, say it again

Money, money, money

Sadly there is money to be made in declaring war but again only to a few. War isn't about bringing peace to the citizens of a country or region, it's about creating a situation that will help governments get out of debt and so they can keep the wheel of consumerism going. The economies of the controlling countries, bank statements of the corporations and people who are already rich are the only benefactors of war in the end, so why does it continue?

In developed countries we don't really care about the imbalance that has been created in our lives or the lives of the people we can't see or don't want to see. When we eat in a restaurant do we think about people in 3rd world countries who don't even have a glass of water? We've been taught not to think about that; we don't have to, they aren't affecting our world, but are we affecting theirs?

Getting Water the Hard Way

a donkey to help carry water is a luxury is some countries
a donkey to help carry water is a luxury is some countries | Source

It'a a Rich Man's World

Comfortably Numb

The majority of the population in developed nations have been exposed to so much violence, so many gunfights, so much bloodshed that it actually doesn’t affect them. Through the movies, video games, music, newscasts, news stations, documentaries and television series that focus on violence, an audience has been created that sees violence as not disturbing, as acceptable, as something that just happens, as something they want to participate in ...

We've been taught to want a lot more than life's basics. Our lives are filled with distractions; things to do, places to go, people to see, important things. People have been convinced that they can't live without the conveniences that today's society offers. TV's, cell phones, cars, laptops to name only the most obvious, are now lifelines, the necessities of life if you live in North America, and if you don't have them people will actually ask what's wrong with you.

Yes, American marketers have done a brilliant job making sure the mass population forgets that they can live a sustainable life, they can live without all the "crap" and products they have been convinced they need to simplify and enjoy their lives and survive happily.

More, more, more

We live in a time and place where there are people who think it's ok for one person to make more than an entire country whose population is starving. We live in a world where issues are not being resolved at the table the way they should be. We live in an age where those who have want more, and they don't want to share, with anyone; and that’s acceptable.

Although the USA is a capitalistic society, or claims to be, many of them got their riches not from being the smartest but from luck, and the adoration of those who wish they were the best at something, together with great marketing by the media. And everyone in the world wants it.

What has been forgotten are the actual necessities of life. Cooking and growing food are a thing of the past. Families are adrift.

Talk it Out don't Fight it Out

Why They Occupy

The focus should be on what is really needed to keep our societies alive by our world governments, and they should want it for everyone on the planet; everyone. However the focus is on money, oil and ownership of natural resources, not on water and food and people, where it should be.

Sadly we live in a world where guns and money rule and manipulation of the masses dominates. They want to fight to keep it or change it ... too many men want war. It’s a scary scenerio.

I believe the occupy movement starting in the USA is the first sign of real civilian unrest there since the American civil war.

Massive numbers of people are recognizing a real unbalance in society and are speaking out against it. As the rich have gotten richer and the general population has watched their successes flaunted across tv screens in living rooms across the world, the gap between the rich and poor has been growing steadily: and it needs to stop.

Come Together

world peace
world peace | Source

It's Time for World Peace

It’s time for the world come together in peace to solve the problems that are the fabric of the survival of the world population, in peace.

I believe war should not be an alternative; it should be off the table.

The people of the world should have food, water and shelter; then the issues that create war should be addressed.

Our world needs to be nurtured, all of our world. The people, animals, water, and earth need to be given a time of rest, a true time of peace.

Imagine if we all treated each other the way we want to be treated, what an incredible world it would be to live in.

No one would go thirsty, hungry or unloved. There would be no violence for violence sake. The earth would heal and have more time; we all would.

Your Say

Is World Peace Possible?

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© 2012 eye say

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    • eye say profile image

      eye say 6 years ago from Canada

      thanks for those words of encouragement and support eye-see, and I'm glad that here are people like sooner28 out there too!

    • eye-see profile image

      eye-see 6 years ago from canada

      Sooner28- Good for you for having an open mind. To bad so many of us do not. They belive the propaganda put forth by a completely controlled media. That war is a necessity. It's only a necessity in a profit driven world run by governments controlled by corporations.

      They want war because war is profit.

      eye say- Another excellent hub, keep it up!

    • eye say profile image

      eye say 6 years ago from Canada

      Humanity working together, seeing each other for the humans we are is the only way we can get through this respectfully ...

      thanks for your insight, and interpretation, much appreciated!

    • profile image

      Sooner28 6 years ago

      It's not often that I read a hub that is severely challenging to what I believe. I consider myself to be extremely liberal. However, I have always considered war as a brutal necessity, one that should not be entered into without ensuring that is is morally and physically necessary. But this hub made made me think that I may be wrong. What is the point really? Using violence to solve violence.

      I love what you said about HUMANITY working together. Wouldn't it be a wonderful world if, instead of seeing an American, or a Canadian, or a Brit, we could just see a HUMAN being. And instead of competing against each other for scarce resources, we could actually all work together for the common good. Voted up!


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