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Seasonal Workers don't Get paid

Updated on June 23, 2014

Seasonal workers Across America should be able to collect Unemployment, when their jobs end for the summer and winter months.

Many states are saying no. Federal laws of each state has the opportunity to decided whether of not to grant seasonal workers the right to collect benefits in their time of need.

Should seasonal workers be allowed to collect benefits? Teachers who works directly for the school district are eligible to collect during the summer months, this law was amended in 1970.

School bus drivers, cafeteria worker, janitors, crossing guards, and others are not eligible to collect unemployment benefits, if the school bus's don't run and cafeterias are close, families are own without a paycheck.

In many states and Massachusetts seasonal workers will no able to apply for benefits unless they are laid off.

I talk to a lady who was basically in tears about her living condition. I have been working for the school system a long time, after this week when school closes I don't know what to do. Last year I found a little job, working in the school summer program.

This year the program has been cut because of funding, leaving me without an income for two months. Why can't we get paid like teachers, all of us work for the school department she cried. Unemployment is design for people who are laid off from their Jobs,well she stated I am practically laid off for two months, through no fault of my own. Where is the justice for so many of us seasonal workers.


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