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Saggy Pants On Fort Worth Buses

Updated on June 20, 2012

Fort Worth is the newest city to attempt a ban on saggy pants in public.

Los Angeles, California, Atlanta, Georgia, Miami, Florida, Fargo, North Dakota, your Grandma can be subjected to exposed boxers just about anywhere. While the fashion statement known as sagging did originate in prison, it has nothing to do with advertising for jailhouse sex as some people believe. Nor does it have anything to do with gang members attempting to hide weapons in their baggy trousers. Anyone who has had the displeasure of watching a young man attempt to walk in a pair of these huge trousers can see it would be difficult to wrestle with a gun while holding on to his pants at the same time. In fact, has quite a few videos of saggers caught with their pants down in some pretty comical positions. Somehow the former prison practice of wearing droopy pants worked its way from the slammer to the stage via some early rappers in the 90’s and still remains a favorite style of many young men all over the country.

Ban on sagging a First Amendment violation

Whatever the origin, it’s a controversial subject to say the least. Often, but not always, a big city issue, many citizens are getting more than a little fed up with having to look at someone’s boxers while out and about. Over the years a few states have attempted to pass legislature prohibiting saggy pants in public places, but so far no state has been successful. The issue is essentially a constitutional one as it’s considered to inhibit freedom of expression and therefore protected by the First Amendment. It would be highly unlikely, if not impossible, to pass a law that would ban the public wearing of saggy pants. But what about a citizen’s right not to be forced to look at someone’s underwear while paying good money to take public transportation?

Fort Worth transportation bans sagging

This is precisely the point the Fort Worth Transportation Authority (the T) is attempting to make with a newly enacted ban on saggy pants on the city’s buses. Claiming it’s about respect and not a fashion statement, the T’s powers that be have made a change in its dress code giving bus drivers the authority to keep saggy pants wearers from boarding the bus. Either they comply by picking up the baggy jeans or stay put on the sidewalk. It isn’t clear what happens should a sagger refuse to pull up his drawers. But droopy drawer wearers can’t say they haven’t been warned since the city of Fort Worth has gone to the time and expense of placing warning posters inside city buses. It’ll be interested to see how this story unfolds over the upcoming weeks and how many lawsuits will be filed.


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    • Leighsue profile image

      Leighsue 6 years ago

      Go Fort Worth. I love that place

    • profile image

      Phoebe Pike 6 years ago

      A lot of people don't know, but the "saggy pants" look originated in prison, where if the men were... "toys", they would hang their pants low. A few rappers got out of jail and kept that style and then teenagers got hooked on it, not knowing that it really was "displaying the mechandise". Lolz