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No To The Impeachment Of Donald Trump.

Updated on May 19, 2017

A Political Suicide.

It will never happen, with President Donald J. Trump being impeached. Americans are too smart to fall for such a "suicidal" occurrence suggested by the so called Left and some of the media, for self interest and aggrandizement sake, when there is no need for that.

Senators and others, who aspired for the presidency must give up such aspirations and allow President Trump to put his agenda into effect. They are some of the people that are placing stumbling blocks in his way, out of sheer jealousy. Their ambitions must be put to rest, if they consider themselves to be true Americans

That too, American voters, particularly, those that support the president, will vote to trounce them flatly, if that must happen. Islamic groups and drug cartels are also playing a part to "dethrone" Donald Trump from the Presidency, and millions of patriotic Americans will do whatever possible to resist them.

Even some foreign governments are participants in this diabolical plan to unseat the President. They want their countries to be great, if not greater than America.

There are too many emotions involved in American politics now, and one must be very careful to join the right group, in the pros and cons, as to what must happen to Donald Trump's presidency.



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