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No Walls, No Doors, No Borders

Updated on February 10, 2019

No Bugs, Just Me

Good Morning, Breakfastpoppers. Today is Sunday, February 10, 2019. The bugs are on vacation. I'm in the kitchen whipping up Mini Sausage Quiches accompanied by French Lattes. I may have a solution to ease the crisis at the border. Please join me for breakfast and let me lay it out for you. I hope to see you soon.


The Basics

Thanks so much for joining me this morning. I have listened to the Dems downplay the crisis at the border. They don't seem to think thousands of undocumented people heading for our borders is a problem. Given the way they feel and their disgust with the idea of walls protecting U.S. citizens, I believe it is time for them to step up to the plate and become a part of the solution. All the Dems and all those who love the way they think should join forces and make room for the caravans. The first order of the day is to remove anything that remotely resembles a wall or a fence from their property. The doors to the outside have to go as well. Doors are immoral in their own way. They shout "Keep Out" and that is simply an unsustainable and untenable position to take. The interior doors have to go as well. The left must trust in the good will of people they don't know to respect their property and privacy, Once the walls, fences, gates, doors, locks and Beware of Dog signs are removed, the plan can take root.


Part Two of Operation Salvation

Let's call this humanitarian effort "Project Salvation." Now that the left has removed all obstacles, it is time for them to put their love of Socialism into action. Those who live on large properties can accommodate more migrants than those living in apartments. Nevertheless, in the interests of fairness they all must open their homes to as many people in the caravan as possible. There should be no discrimination as to who they want to live with. A member of MS-13 has just as many rights as a family of four without a criminal record. Of course, it would be impolite to ask about anyone's background. That smacks of prejudice and we simply can't have that. Anyone living in a home with a front and backyard should set up tents. Of course small babies must be invited into the home. Cots can fit almost anywhere, The liberal hosts would stock up on supplies. Whatever money they have should be used to feed and clothe their guests. After all, the left believes that those that have should give to those that don't have and have no intention of ever working. That's simply the Socialist way of doing things. Now healthcare is another matter that must be considered. The libs must pay for every little ache and pain. It's the right thing to do. They also should consider home schooling the children. That way they can be assured that the kids will grow up to be obedient Socialist subjects who are forever dependent and thankful. All of this largesse must come directly from the pockets of those who are pushing this agenda. People like the bartender Ocasio-Cortez should lead the pack. I am sure she can fit at least twenty people in her apartment. If she has a terrace she can put a few people out there as well. The possibilities are endless. The Dems have more millionaires in Congress than the Republicans. Imagine how many people they can accommodate. It truly boggles the mind.


Plan for a Bright Future

If all goes according to plan, thousands of migrants trying to get into our country will be welcomed with open arms and no questions. Their reasons for wanting entry are unimportant. Their dislike for our nation is immaterial. Their backgrounds are none of our business, and their intentions whether honorable or dishonorable don't matter. If you are against a border wall, you must put some skin in the game. Actually, you must put your future on the line. When you run out of money hosting your illegals, please don't turn to the rest of America to alleviate your burden. You chose this path, now live it, and do it with quiet dignity. May the power of Socialism be with you.


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